Salt-Based Softeners are the Only Way to Soften Water

Salt-Based Softeners are the Only Way to Soften Water - Cascadian Water

Water Softening Has Changed

Since the early 1900's salt-based ion exchange water softeners have been  the most common way to soften water in homes and businesses. They remain very popular to this day. No doubt you have one or know someone who does. With advances in salt-free ion bond softening technology this is a trend that is changing and for good reasons. Think about it: what technology hasn't been improved since the early 1900's? Water softening is no different.

Why Salt-Based Softeners are Loosing Ground to Salt-Free Softeners

Here are a few good reasons salt-based water softeners are loosing ground to salt-free ion bond softeners; 

Salt-based softeners must regenerate to keep working. To regenerate they add salt to fresh water to create a brine which is then used to rinse hard water minerals from the resin beads. The regeneration process creates a lot of salty waste water that goes down the drain or out onto the ground. The salt doesn't just go away, it transfers to our fresh water supplies. This is not good for our health or ecosystem. 

Furthermore, they are big, noisy, expensive, prone to high maintenance and service costs and even outlawed in some areas of the country.

Salt-Free Ion Bond Softeners are Here to Stay

You've probably heard about salt-free water softeners, and you might be thinking that they're just another fad. But in reality, salt-free water softeners are gaining popularity as consumers learn more about their benefits compared to salt-based systems and are here to stay. For reference, we introduced our ICS line of PolyHalt® salt free ion bond water softener systems way back in march of 2011.

Good To Know

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Softener Restrictions and Bans

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