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Drinking Water the Whole Family Will Love at Every Tap

Sometimes people have to deal with terrible tasting water in their own homes! Whether it be chlorine or some sort of metallic taste it can be offensive to drink.  That’s when people start spending lots of money to buy bottled water, have a water station, or buy a Britta.

Are you a restaurant owner or manager? The first thing most customers taste at your restaurant is the water. Not much is worse than going to a restaurant and having some water with your dinner and the water tastes terrible! Bad tasting water could be turning repeat customers off.

A Britta, water station and bottled water only give you good tasting water in one spot in your house and they are expensive and inconvenient. Why spend money for one area of your home to have treated water when you can have treated water throughout your house? Cartridge based water systems like the ICS-TP can provide filtration of chlorine as well as treat your water for hardness! This gives your entire home great tasting water.

On average drinking water bottle services cost $36 per month for 4 to 6, 5 gallon jugs, that is more than the cost per month for a complete Cascadian whole home ICS water treatment system. Which is best for your family?

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