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Hard Water, Making it Hard to Shower

Let’s start with a few facts:

  1. Everyone hates soap scum. (Okay, I’m making a generalization, but, you get the picture. I’ve never met anyone who claimed they liked soap scum.)
  2. People want their soap to lather when they shower. (That’s how you know you’re clean right?!)
  3. I have only heard one person in 30 years tell me they like the slippery feeling when showering in softened water. I’m not exaggerating this one; I remember this meeting VERY clearly! He liked the slippery feeling because when it wasn't slippery he know he had to go buy salt and put in in his softener to prevent his wife from yelling at him because her hair was a mess.

Do you want to know how to avoid all of these things that people rarely want as a quality of their water? It’s simple, salt-free water softeners allow you to eliminate soap scum, have soap that lathers, and have water that is soft without the slippery feeling.

How do salt-free water softeners do it, well if they’re “worth their salt” (see what I did there?!) They use proven technology that is adapted for a residential application.  PolyHalt is just that! It’s a special blend of poly and orthophosphates that works by controlling hardness, iron, and manganese so they can’t interact with soap and cause soap scum.  When hardness and other minerals are treated with PolyHalt water allows soaps to lather and also gives you a clean feeling without feeling slippery in the shower.

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