How PolyHalt ion bond softening works

How does PolyHalt Salt Free Ion Bond Water Softening Work?

At the core of PolyHalt® is something called ion bonding. This is what allows PolyHalt® to not require salt — keeping you from creating all that salty waste water — while at the same time, still remaining a natural, earth-friendly process.

Ion bonding is actually a pretty simple concept.  

In short, an ion is a collection of atoms. Each ion is either positive or negatively charged. And, a pattern we often see repeated in nature: opposites attract. So the positive and negative ions are attracted to each other.

This is not too different from how magnets work. When you put magnets with the same charge together, they push each other apart. But when you put opposite ends together, they attract, or bond

The same thing is happening with your water. 

The minerals in your water that make it ‘hard’ all have a positive charge. PolyHalt® on the other hand is negatively charged. In effect, PolyHalt® jumps into your water, finds the hardness minerals, and bonds to them creating an entirely new chemical complex.

As a result, you don’t need complex or wasteful filtering systems to turn hard water into soft water, you simply need the right system.


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