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Take back the tap - Environmental impact of bottled water is 3,500 times greater.

It's easy to reduce the environmental impact of drinking bottled water

We all know bottled water is much more expensive than tap water. But do we know scientists have found the impact on natural resources is 3,500 times higher than for tap water? Did you know 17 million barrels of oil are used to produce bottles for water in the U.S. alone?

Imagine the reduction of plastics and consumption other natural resources used to produce, package and transport bottled water if more people switched to drinking tap water over bottled water most of the time.

New environmentally friendly water treatment systems now provide high quality water for every use in your home. This includes water for bathing, laundry, dishes and drinking water at every tap. These new treatment systems will save more time and money than ever. You can drink your tap water and conserve natural resources by reducing the number of plastic water bottles discarded every year.

Get the best water treatment for your home and our environment. Upgrade your old water treatment system or install a new one from Cascadian Water. Enjoy the convenience of high-quality water from every tap while greatly reducing the environmental impact of bottled water.

Which water treatment system is right for you?

The same water treatment system may not be the best solution for everyone. Consider these variables, water is different depending on where it comes from and how it is treated by your provider.

Finding the right water treatment system, one that solves the problems found in your water can be a arduous and confusing task. Well, we've been solving water quality problems for decades and have made it easy to determine which treatment system is perfect for you.  


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