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Water Treatment for Our Environment

Most understand our environment is precious and what we do today affects health and overall quality of life for decades to come if not forever.

Did you know that Cascadian water treatment systems are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible? At Cascadian, we don’t believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice having clean, natural water, because you care about the environment. We believe you can have both.

5 Environmentally Friendly Facts About Cascadian That Might Surprise You:

  1. They are less material intensive than other water-softening systems, which means they don't use as much energy to produce and transport the materials that go into them resulting in a lower carbon footprint.
  2. They soften with natural ingredients. PolyHalt comes straight from nature, no man made synthetic chemicals are used or added to our environment.
  3. They are made of mostly recyclable materials, so when your system's life is over it can be disassembled and used again. This helps keep more materials out of landfills and makes efficient use natural resources for future generations!
  4. They don't use electricity to operate, so there's no need for a constant power source or a connection to an electrical grid. This means no wasted energy from polluting or inefficiently generated power sources like coal or natural gas. It also means they are excellent choice for off-grid and mobile (RV, boat) applications. 
  5. PolyHalt softeners don't use salt. They are the future of water softening. They don't use salt, they don't produce a salty waste stream, and they don't pollute our fresh water or harm agricultural crops.

    Forget about the hassle and cost of having to buy, transport, store, use, clean up after or dispose of empty bags. As a bonus you will not have to worry about increasing prices or running out of softener salt.  

Bonus fact; Cascadian PolyHalt softeners have been approved for use in California where salt-based water softeners have been banned due to their adverse effects on the environment and agricultural crops. 

Good To Know

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