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Why complacency when it comes to water quality issues?

Sometimes blogs are not easy for me to write, and to make sure I do not repeat myself or worse yet, bore you all to death; I work with Russ our marketing “guy”.  He lets me bounce ideas off him and helps me develop new topics.

I love writing blogs that people might find helpful and yesterday I had major writers block. I had no good ideas and writing has not been much fun lately.  As we talked, Russ was telling me about his house, which I forget what year it was built but it is old! Since it is an old house he was concerned that there may be lead in the water.  Lead, which would come from old piping buried in the walls. The irony is, Russ has been working with us for over a year has never asked us for a water test to actually learn what was in his water!

He then went on to say that he had gotten fed up with their shower head being plugged due to the amount of hardness that had built up in the fixture.  One Saturday morning he removed the head and asked his girlfriend to go to the hardware store to get a new one.  Once the shower head was replaced the difference was immediate and they were shocked at the amount of water pressure they actually had!  As our conversation progressed, he said he had noticed the new shower head had already begun to get plugged up after only six weeks.  I scoffed at Russ (ok I ridiculed him) and told him that he had never mentioned needing treatment for his water in all the time we had worked together. He has been involved with our product offering since day one, he knows what it does, how it works, and still he has never approached us about treating his water.

A light bulb came on for me; we might be on to something to write about!

My OWN mother had done the same thing!  In my hometown the city changed municipal water sources from being drawn from the local river to being drawn from wells. When this happened everyone in town had their hardness sky rocket along with a barrage of manganese as well. I did not find this out until I went home for a visit and asked my Mom why her glassware was so dingy looking. She explained the situation and then told me that she had also bought a Britta water filter because the water tasted so much like chlorine that she could not stand it anymore!

UMMM…Hello! You know what your daughter does for a living and you did not think to call about it? Or have me look at a test result or anything! So in order to get the Britta out of my parent’s refrigerator, I bought them an ICS system for Christmas.  (It is the gift that keeps on giving because I never know what to get my Dad for Christmas so, he gets a new filter every year!) It only works if the filter gets changed on schedule though!

As I told Russ the story about my Mom, I had to confess.  I have an ICS system in my house but, and even though filters are at my fingertips, and I know I need to change my filters I will still procrastinate. Seriously, I know where the filters are in the warehouse and I live less than a mile away from work so it is not inconvenient for me to get a filter even on my day off. I know when I need to change my filters but, I do not change them until it is a month or two after they needed to be changed.  I know better than most, the importance of changing filters when the water quality issues creep back in, but still I procrastinate.

So this all led to us wondering why it seems like everyone, me included, is complacent when it comes to water quality issues when they know or suspect there may be a problem.

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