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ICS-TP Water Treatment System

Details and Support

About the ICS-TP water treatment system

The ICS-TP is two high performance water treatments in one small wall mounted system.
  • First treatment is an activated carbon filter
    • Improves taste and odor by filtering chlorine
    • Reduces VOCs to further improve water quality
  • Second treatment is PolyHalt® salt free softener and water conditioner
    • Produces salt free soft water using ion bond technology to prevent hard water minerals from behaving hard.
    • No need to buy, transport, store or use heavy bags of salt or potassium
    • Prevents harmful and embarrassing stains, hard to remove spots, hard scale buildup and soap scum
    • Protects and reduces problems with plumbing, fixtures and appliances from sediment, mineral and aggressive water damage
    • Prevents silica etching and pitting of glass and fixture damage
    • Makes soft water that doesn't feel slimy or slippery
    • Water is safe for all uses including drinking, cooking, bathing, watering pets plants and gardens
    • Reduces amount of soaps, detergents and work needed to clean 
    • Makes hair look and feel better with less time, shampoo and conditioner
    • Makes clothes last longer and be whiter, brighter and softer longer
DIY friendly, easy to install and simple to maintain
  • Reliable - no moving parts to wear and replace or electronics to program 
  • Filter housing drain included for easier and safer filter changes
  • No need to deal with softener salt or a tank exchange service
  • Simply change your filter once per year to keep system working perfectly
Small size
  • Advanced technologies and engineering reduces size to about 1/15th to 1/20th the size of traditional activated carbon filter and salt-based softener it replaces
  • Hangs on wall, doesn't take up valuable floor space
  • Fits almost anywhere
  • No salt is used or added to our environment
  • Does not waste water - no water running to drain, doesn't make any noise 
  • Does not require power
Legal everywhere
  • Legal where salt based softeners are restricted or banned completely
Independent 3rd party verified
  • Verified safe for drinking water by NSF to standards 42 and 61. 

Keep Your System Operating, Continue to Enjoy Your Water

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Service parts and pieces;

ICS-TPK Replacement Filter Cartridges