Cascadian's H, For H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Rotten Egg Odor

H is for H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Rotten Egg Odor

The following applies to all systems and filters with the letter "H" in the part number.

Hydrogen sulfide is what makes your water smell like rotten eggs. Not only does it make water smell bad but it makes showering miserable and is super embarrassing when company or family comes to visit. And, in high concentrations it can make you sick. 

When you have H2S in your water it is very common to have other water problems at the same time. In the world of water treatment H2S must be effectively removed prior to downstream treatments otherwise it will wreak havoc preventing them from working or even totally destroying them. For these reasons and in most cases we highly recommend H2S treatment prior to any other downstream treatment process.

Developing effective cartridge based treatment for H2S was no easy task and still to this very day our ICS-H is one of the very best cartridge based H2S treatment options available. 

Good to Know

Because the of nature of H2S and it's treatment there is more to cosider.  For the best treatment we recommend following with sediment filtration and taste & odor filtration. In most cases recommend following the ICS-H with the ICS-STP. The ICS-STP will significantly improve the treated water. 

H Treatment System

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