Cascadian's T, Filter for Taste and Odor Improvement

T is for Taste and Odor

The following applies to all systems and filters with the letter "T" in the part number.

Our activated carbon filter fits into any whole house ICS housing and is typically used to remove off tastes and odors, making tap water much more pleasurable for all uses.

T filtration can make every tap in your home a pleasure to drink from, avoiding bottled water and protecting our environment. The filter is typically installed last in a filter sequence and can remove chlorine or other smells and tastes from organic compounds in your water source. The T filter also reduces Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) to improve the safety of your water. For more information on VOC's Click Here.

The T filter can be found as a component of the ICS-TP, ICS-STP whole house filters. The ICS-TPU removes taste and odor in a smaller package meant for ice machines, espresso machines, or RVs. For larger scale operations consider our commercial size ICS-CTTO

Good to Know

The T filter is not capable of removing the H2S or rotten egg smell however since that is a different beast. Consider the ICS-H filter to address rotten egg/hydrogen sulfide smell.

A consideration when removing chlorine from water is that the water in your home will be more susceptible to pink slime growth in sinks and bathrooms. Pink slime comes from airborne bacteria which are not known to be harmful. When using the T you may need to clean your bathrooms and even pet dishes more often.

 T Treatment Systems


    Carbon Taste & Odor Filter with PolyHalt

    ICS-TP Designed for whole home / business. Point of Entry.

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  • Cascadian Point of Entry Double Sump water treatment system - Image

    Sediment Filter and Carbon Taste & Odor Filter with PolyHalt Softener

    ICS-STP Designed for whole home / business. Point of Entry

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  • Cascadian POU Point of Use water treatment system - Image

    Small Carbon Taste & Odor with PolyHalt

    ICS-TPU Designed for smaller flows. Point of Use

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  • Cascadian CT-Series Light Commercial Water Filter - Image

    Light Commercial Carbon Taste & Odor Filter

    ICS-CTTO Designed for light commercial applications

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