What is causing my tap water to smell and taste bad?

It's hard to enjoy tap water that smells or tastes bad, it can be embarrassing and is one of the reasons you to buy bottled water. This page discusses some common sources of water smells and tastes and presents solutions to the problem.

City or managed water sources

For people on municipal water supplies the most common smell and taste comes from the addition of chlorine to the water as a sanitizer. This is done to minimize bacteria in the water supply and protect you from any pathogens. Unfortunately this also causes a pool like smell and taste to the water.

Well water sources

For people that are on a private water source any number of organic materials like Volatile Organic Compounds can cause problems with taste and odor and sometimes it’s due to bacteria such as those that produce rotten egg odors. 

Treatment for Most Common Taste and Odor

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Hydrogen Sulfide Rotten Egg Odor - Image

Treatment for H2S odor

H2S rotten egg odor, it's unmistakable. Treat with the ICS-H

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