Cascadian's P, PolyHalt® Salt Free Softener and Conditioner

P is for PolyHalt®

The following applies to all systems and filters with the letter "P" in the part number.

Simply stated PolyHalt® is a cornerstone of Cascadian's ICS line of products. PolyHalt® is a proprietary phosphate. In other words, a special chemical developed by Cascadian Water to control effects of various minerals and water behavioral properties. 

The unique properties designed into PolyHalt® make it very versatile. It is used to soften hard water without making it slippery or slimy or using salt, protect plumbing and appliances, prevent silica etching and pitting and help protect our ground water and environment. And, it is legal everywhere salt-based water softeners are banned or restricted by state and/or local jurisdictions. 

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  • Explainer Videos

    Explainer video playlist about Cascadian's PolyHalt. Learn how ion bond softening works and other uses that make PolyHalt so powerful.

  • The focus of this blog is to keep everyone up to date on what is happening with Cascadian Water as we continue to provide the best cartridge based water treatment available.

    What is PolyHalt?

    Learn about PolyHalt. Find out what it is and how it works. Get an introduction to the water quality problems it solves and what you can expect from treatment with PolyHalt.

  • Comparing features and benefits - Image

    Compare PolyHalt to Salt Softeners

    Compare features and benefits of PolyHalt ion bond salt free softening and salt-based ion exchange softening.

  • Bob Campbell reviews Cascadian Water's ICS Softeners

    What to Expect with PolyHalt Softeners

    Before you buy learn what to expect with your Cascadian PolyHalt ion bond salt free water softener.

  • Lake Mead Drying Up - Image

    How PolyHalt is Better for our Environment

    How PolyHalt is Better for our Environment

  • NSF National Sanitation Foundation Logo - Image

    Independent 3rd Party Certifications

    PolyHalt has been tested and certified by NSF / ANSI and CAN to standard 60. It is also certified to NSF / ANSI 42. PolyHalt has also been approved for use by the Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD) to replace automatic self regenerating water softeners (salt softeners).

  • close up image of PolyHalt

    See Systems Using PolyHalt

    See all the treatment systems using PolyHalt

  • illustration of newspaper

    What Makes PolyHalt So Special?

    We developed PolyHalt to give you a safe, soft water solution without having to use salt. This blog dives into what makes PolyHalt® special.