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Water quality is as unique as your address. Take the Filter Finder Quiz and learn which treatment system is the right size and designed to fix the kind of problems you are experiencing. 

Don't be Fooled - Given experience and capabilities of our products this simple quiz is sufficient for most people's water. Rarely, there is water beyond the capabilities of this quiz. 

No email address required to take the quiz and find out exactly what you need. 

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Successful treatment depends upon matching the right sized treatment to your water.

Complete this simple quiz in a few minutes and we'll recommend the best treatment based upon information provided.

Consult specificatins and conditions of operation to see the limits of it's capabilities.

This powerful but simple quiz uses AI and years of experience to help you get the right water treatment system, one that performs as promised.

Here is what we ask;

1. Does your water come from a city (you get a bill) or private well?

2. How much water do you need to treat (small, medium or large size)?

Examples given for multiple choice questions below;

3. What do you see?

4. What do you smell?

5. What do you taste?

6. What do you feel?

Answer these questions to learn what treatment is specifically designed to fix your water problems and is the right size.

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