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Find the Perfect Water Treatment System for Your Needs

We understand that selecting water treatment for your home is often a complicated process. However over the years and with the power of PolyHalt®, we're able to address the majority of our customers problems with just a few different products.

To keep things simple, we recommend our best sellers for the majority of people who have common water issues.

For those of us that may have additional water treatment needs we offer a simple quiz to help you identify which of our products are best for you.

Cascadian Water's ICS-TP Salt free softener with activated carbon treatment Installed

Remove Chemicals and Soften with ICS-TP

For homes with city water, we know that your water has a certain level of quality so product selection is simple. We recommend the ICS-TP: Activated Carbon Filter with PolyHalt® Salt Free Softener and Conditioner which will remove the nasty chlorine, soften the water, and retain the healthy minerals- making it mountain soft and delicious in one simple package.

Cascadian Water ICS Softener installed in electrical room

Well Water Treatment

Living outside city limits? Your water may have a wide variety of contaminates that can cause any number of annoying water issues, but generally we know that you don't have chlorine, and likely have sediment challenges. A perfect starting point is the ICS-SP: Sediment and PolyHalt® Salt Free Softener Water Treatment System. This will be sufficient for the vast majority of homeowners. If you know that you've got iron from the blazing orange stains- then consider upgrading to the ICS-SIP PolyHalt® Water Softener with Sediment/Iron Filter.

Installation of Cascadian Water ICS PolyHalt Softener

Filter for Any Water

A common upgrade for both city and well water filters is to combine the two into the ICS-STP PolyHalt® Water Softener with Taste/Sediment Filters. In one convenient package you get the best of both worlds!

Not quite sure? Narrow Down Your Selection with the Filter Finder!

Take our short Filter Finder Quiz where we'll ask about your experience living with the water. Through our decades of experience we've put together a set of questions which enable us to determine the likely culprits of your problems and provide custom solutions for your custom water problems.

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