PolyHalt® Salt Free Softener and Water Conditioner Media

For a quick introduction to PolyHalt® salt free ion bond water softeners watch this video: 

Pure and Simple

Let's take a more detailed look at Cascadian's PolyHalt® natural salt free water softener and water conditioner media.

We developed PolyHalt® before finally releasing it in 2011 to give the world a safe, sustainable, and more efficient soft water solution that leaves older techniques and their negative aspects behind. You'll enjoy mountain fresh water from every tap in your home, the way nature intended - pure and simple. 

The rest of this article will tell you more about what makes PolyHalt® special. 

What is PolyHalt®?

PolyHalt® is a certified proprietary polyphosphate developed by Cascadian Water to be more effective at treating a wide array of water quality problems. It comes from naturally occurring phosphorus bearing rocks. It is a natural water softener and conditioner. PolyHalt® is a negatively charged semi-solid polyphosphate media. It is the opposite of positively charged ions of hardness metals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese that are dissolved in water. 

How PolyHalt® Works

It is the simple difference in ionic charges that makes PolyHalt® work so effectively while being self regulating (dose automatically changes with changing water quality and flow rate) at the same time.

As positively charged metal ions flow through negatively charged PolyHalt® media just enough PolyHalt® is automatically and proportionally released to form ionic bonds and new ionic complexes between PolyHalt® and metal ions.

These new ionic complexes are very different properties from the original untreated ions. One difference is in their chemical makeup. But they also have new behavioral properties as well. Technically, in chemistry, this is a well-known process called Ionic Bonding. It’s like an ‘opposites attract’ sort of thing. So then, once the attraction is made and the new bond is formed — Voila, your water problems are resolved!

Watch this video for a demonstration of how PolyHalt® works.

    Simple Filter Changes are all That's Required for Service

    Because PolyHalt® is an additive, and because you’re constantly bringing more water into your home or business, the PolyHalt® filter will naturally need to be replaced over time to prevent water problems from re-occurring.

    The maximum filter life is 1 year for whole home Point of Entry system and 6 months for smaller Point of Use systems.

    Most often PolyHalt® filters will last a full year, but water quality and volume treated may affect or shorten filter life. One indication of this is spots that are hard to clean after treatment. That may mean it’s time to replace your filter.

    And because we don’t want you to end up with bad water problems, we’ve set up “Subscribe and Save” options.  

    What to Expect From PolyHalt®

    Let's take a closer look at what you can expect when using a water treatment system with PolyHalt®.

    Your water will not leave you feeling slippery or slimy Feeling

    Because no salt is added to your water PolyHalt® softened water will not feel slippery or slimy.

    Your Water Could Be Worse

    That’s okay – In fact, it’s actually a good thing.

    When you first use PolyHalt®, it’ll begin to clean your system, and that flushes out some of the bad stuff that had been building up. What you’re seeing is the existing scale buildup being loosened and cleaned away in your plumbing and fixtures.

    But, like all transitions, this “worse” water is only temporary. It’ll stop when the existing building up is cleaned. Usually — depending on how much build-up you currently have — it’ll stop after 30 to 60 days.

    It’s always recommended you flush our hot water tank to clear accumulated loose minerals at the same time you install your new PolyHalt® softener system.

    Hardness Tests Same Before and After Treatment

    This is because a hard water test shows the concentration of minerals in the water. It does not indicate their condition. Since softening with PolyHalt® softens by changing the condition through ion bonding and they remain in the water a hardness test will show them. Learn More about hardness testing.

    Treatment does not make water spot free

    Just like conventional salt-based softeners, there will be evaporative spots but treatment makes them easier.

    Say goodbye to the hassles of salt based water softeners

    We like to say softening with PolyHalt® is like fixing the bad problems while leaving the good minerals in your water. Once treated with PolyHalt®, the minerals can no longer form hard scale, or stick to surfaces. They cannot bind with soaps to form that gross soap scum residue. In other words, these minerals remain in your water (which is not bad), but they act as if they’re not there at all. It’s a win-win. And in the end, your water is treated naturally to be soft and easy to work with without being slippery or slimy feeling. Softening with PolyHalt® is a natural process that eliminates the environmental problems caused by salt based water softeners and it will never be banned or restricted.

    Easy to remove water spots

    Water spots are formed when water evaporates. There’s no avoiding that. But with PolyHalt® they’re much easier to clean up. Most often, all that is required is to simply wipe the spots away. No hard work. No extra cleaning chemicals.

    Remove existing scaling

    A major benefit to treated water — and PolyHalt® is no different — is that it cleans surfaces over time, helping to remove existing scale. PolyHalt® will actually work to clean the insides of your pipes, appliances and water heaters.

    Preventing soap scum

    A major drawback to untreated hardness minerals in your water is that they bind with soap. That’s where the soap scum comes from. By using PolyHalt®, you’ll need to clean soap scum less, and when you do, it’ll be much easier.

    Use less soap and save time and money

    Untreated hardness minerals require using extra soap to overcome the hardness effects. But with PolyHalt® you only use as much soap as you really need. Not only is this more sustainable, but it costs less!

    Keeping plumbing and appliances from leaking or failing

    In your plumbing and appliances, low pH levels (the same goes for aggressive water) can soften and dissolve metals, causing your plumbing to leak. And, we all want to avoid that. So when you use PolyHalt®, a very thin coating — a protective insulation on the inside of your pipes — is formed. This coating helps prevent the damaging effects of low pH and aggressive water.

    Slows pitting in glass

    When we created PolyHalt®, it was to soften your water using a natural highly reliable process. But, along the way, other good things happen, too. As they say, the rising tide raises all the ships. PolyHalt® will also prevent the prevent silica etching and pitting on your glassware, shower doors and windows.

    Prevents orange-red and black-brown staining

    Dissolved iron and manganese in water are clear in color. But they won’t stay that way. Over time, as they are exposed to oxygen, their color changes. Typically, you’ll see this as orange-red and brown-black staining. PolyHalt® works to prevent that oxidation and keep your water clear — preventing stains in the process.

    Keeping away blue-green staining

    Have you noticed your sink or tub building up blue-green stains? This comes from water with low levels of pH or low TDS (an industry abbreviation: Total Dissolved Solids) Water with low pH or TDS begins to eat away and dissolve your copper pipes from the inside. Not good. PolyHalt® steps in and forms a very thin protective insulating layer on your copper that’s been exposed to this kind of water, blocking the blue-green color from happening. 

    Your PolyHalt® Natural Water Treatment is Better for our Environment

    A PolyHalt® water softener and conditioner will save dozens of 40 pound bags of salt and thousands of gallons of fresh water each and every year. The salt will not be moved from where it is produced to your softener and eventually into our drinking water supplies. Also, there is no empty salt bags to dispose of in our landfills. All this means your PolyHalt® softeners are much better for our environment.

    Your Water is Safe with PolyHalt®

    Your safety and comfort is our first priority. the NSF, an independent third-party testing agency, tests and certifies all automatic proportional control and safety, as an added layer of protection. The levels of polyphosphate allowed in drinking water are regulated by the USEPA. And we strictly adhere to those guidelines as is required to maintain PolyHalt® NSF certification.

    Will I notice it?

    You will not notice PolyHalt® in your water, it has no color, taste, or odor. That means you won’t see it, taste it, or smell it.

    The only thing you’ll notice is cleaner, healthier, more enjoyable water without the slimy feeling you get from water softened with a salt based water softener.

    How to Know Your PolyHalt® Softener is Working

    Because there is no salt gets used there is nothing to add and there is no regular maintenance required we often get asked how to know if PolyHalt® softener is working, here are some ways to tell your softener is working:

    • Evaporative spots are easily cleaned up
    • No added hard scale build-up
    • More soap suds / less sap required
    • Whiter / brighter / softer  laundry
    • Softer cleaner hair
    • Reduced or eliminated soap scum
    • Reduced mineral staining in sinks, tubs, showers and toilets
    • Reduced or eliminated silica etching and pitting

    PolyHalt® is a True Multitasker 

    As you can see, PolyHalt® is much more than a salt-free water softener. It's a comprehensive water treatment system that offers a wide range of benefits. 

    We don't say that PolyHalt® is a multitasker lightly. We don't overpromote or promise anything to our customers, but when it comes to PolyHalt®, everything we say is true. Our customers have been backing us up for more than a dozen years.

    Check out our reviews to see what our customers have to say about PolyHalt®.

    Watch this video and discover more of what does for your water and home beyond softening.

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