What is this filter that came with my house?

We often hear from new homeowners that have found a Cascadian water treatment system in their home. Since we've been designing and building water treatment systems for 30 years and mostly sold through distributors, we don't have records of what treatment is at what location. So given that here's a guide on how to identify what you've got so that you can understand the equipment you have and find a care guide.

Cascadian Integrated Cartridge Solutions

Integrated Cartridge Solutions (ICS) are our current offering, but we've refined our product line over the years to a smaller catalog. Often, if you cannot find your specific replacement filter there is a modern alternative which is a direct substitute. Learn about the older ICS part numbers here. All of these filters are inside blue housings which hang on the wall, and don't use electricity or a fill time drain. To see which ICS system you have simply look at the product label on the bracket.

Replacement filters are the system part number with the letter "K" at the end. 

Automatic Backwashing Filters and Ion-Exchange

Up until 2020 we sold complex backwashing filters which use water and a programmed electronic valve to clean themselves. While they are in working order, they are hands free and can go for years without any attention beyond replacing salt and annual salt system cleaning. These filters will send waste water down a drain and go through a backwashing cycle usually once a week during the night.

While these all have a similar appearance, they are very diverse and can be used for a wide range of water issues. Since observation alone won't resolve what filter is there, we've issued serial numbers for every single system that we manufactured. Using the serial number we will be able to provide product specification sheets, manuals, and guidance for care. The serial numbers we issued can be found somewhere on the control valve and starts with a few characters followed by 5 numbers. Something like ST5X-12345 is what you'd provide to us for help.

If you believe something is wrong with the filter then the best thing to do is to find a water treatment professional in your area. Diagnosis and troubleshooting is complex and requires being on site. We do not provide these services. Parts for these systems are only available from water treatment professionals.

Error Code 01

If you see ERROR 01, then that's typically a simple fix and you can follow this guide. This error is usually from power outages. To prevent reoccurrence of Error Code 01 please add a uninterruptible power supply or UPS surge protector and plug the controller into it. 

Download Error Code 01 Guide.