Whole home water filtration and softeners

Time to be proud of your tap water

Soften water without salt

protecting the environment

Do more with less space

we've integrated our years of experience to use the best materials possible today

We mastered water treatment

Follow our streamlined process to clean and healthy water

  • 1. Learn about your water

  • 2. Determine your treatment

  • 3. Install at the water main

  • 4. Maintain with easy changes

  • 5. Live Easy, Protect Earth

We've made it easy to learn about your water problems based on your experience living with it.

Common Water problems

Once you've found what needs to be addressed with your water find out what we offer for treatment. All of our options are supported by our 28 years of water treatment experience.

Still unsure of which treatment is right for you? Take our simple Filter Finder Quiz.

Find My Treatment

With your ideal treatment in mind, now it's time to plan your installation process. Whether you prefer to have a trusted plumber take care of it all or do-it-yourself we've got you covered.


Since Cascadian ICS filters do not require power, drains, or salt maintenance is once a year filter changes. We offer reminders and flexible filter subscriptions so that you don't need to worry.

Maintenance and lifestyle

Cascadian's ICS products are designed for maximum comfort for your life, and mother nature.

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The focus of this blog is to provide quality informative information about Cascadian Water treatment products and services such as salt free water softeners and water conditioners and cartridge based water treatment systems

Integrated Cartridge Solutions

– The best filters for your needs

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Problematic Water

Just like going to the doctor, finding out what exactly is wrong is the first step to finding what treatment works for you.

Water Problems

Filter Finder Questionnaire

Successful treatment depends upon matching the right treatment to your water.

If you're not sure which treatment is right for you spend a couple of minutes to complete this quiz and we'll recommend the best treatment.

What do i need?

Don't Fret about Installation

Our ICS line is easier than all other whole home filtration systems.
No specialized knowledge of water treatment is required.

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Installing Your Treatment System

Whether you plan to install yourself or work with a professional plumber we've got you covered. See the resources we've put together for success.


Once Yearly Care

When to change your filters is ultimately up to you and your water, but typically the filters need to be replaced once per year for a 2-4 person home.

Maintenance Guides and Details