A fresh water lake in the Cascadian Mountain Range

"The closest thing to a mountain spring in your home tap"

Healthy hydration for your whole home.
Water softening and filtration systems.

Integrated Cartridge Solutions

The Nature-based Softening System

helpful resources

  • graphic of a checklist with water problems

    Filter Finder quiz

    It all Starts with Getting the Right Treatment System. Water quality is as unique as your address. Take the 3 minute Filter Finder Quiz and learn which treatment system is the right size and designed to fix the kind of problems you are experiencing

  • Installation of Cascadian Water ICS PolyHalt Softener

    Maintenance guides

    Maintenance of your Cascadian water treatment system is different. It is minimal and takes about 10 - 15 minutes per year. Regular treatment system maintenance is required to keep your water at it's best, your home and property protected, and life most enjoyable. 

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    PolyHalt® Tech

    After 30 years in the water filtration industry, we arrived at PolyHalt® because it was thesimplest, most naturalwater softening mechanism we’d ever come across, particularly compared to the highly complicated salt-softeners we’d manufactured before. 

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    Installation Help

    While any plumber in your area will be capable of installing your filter system, here you will find a preferred list. These installers are familiar with our Cascadian ICS products and water treatment more generally.