What's that Pink Slime in your home fixtures and appliances?

Pink Slime in Toilet

So, What is That Pink Slime in Your Water?

Getting right to the point: Pink slime is caused by a build up of slime growth from the airborne serratia marcescens bacteria. Pink slime can show up even if you have water treatment. This is because it is airborne a water filter will not do anything to address a pink slime problem. Pink Slime is not to be confused with iron stains which are more orange or red in color.

Where does pink slime show up?

The pink slime shows up anywhere there is standing water including;

  • Toilet bowls
  • Pet water dishes
  • Around sink and shower drains
  • Inside water containers

What can I do about it?

  • Clean toilet bowl regularly
  • Keep rooms well ventilated. Use exhaust fans and open windows
  • Keep everything dry. Use a squeegee or towel to remove excess water
  • Clean with vinegar
  • Disinfect with bleach

Good To Know:

Learn more about Pink Slime from NSF.org