Learn about water quality problems and how to find the perfect treatment system

Water coming into our homes and businesses around the world is as variable as the people, geology and governments. In fact, your water may be very different than your neighbors. Considering the variability of water its hard to imagine a 'one size fits all' water treatment system and in fact it doesn't exist and is one of the reasons finding the right treatment can be so confusing.  

Let's get clear about successful water treatment

The tough part of success is matching the treatment to your water source, water quality and how or where you will use the water and these must be considered together. 

We've made it easy by taking our years of experience and developing simple observational methods to find the right water treatment.

How we made finding the right water treatment easy

We made a simple Filter Finder Quiz for you to tell us about your water and our AI accurately recommends the best treatment. 

Water quality issues can be complex and may require testing to determine what is going on with the water or what we call 'the water quality'.

Want to learn more about your water? 

Use our guides below to learn about the most common water problems we find.

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    When it comes to water issues, hardness is by far the most common issue that homeowners face. Since hardness comes from the bedrock which your water flows through, but it’s not a health concern, municipal water suppliers are not required to treat it. The pesky minerals from the bedrock hit your home and life in many ways and in this page we explore them.

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  • Used ICS-S5K Filter Cartridge

    Sand and Sediment

    Sediment is small particles of dust which settle out into the bottom of your glass of water. This fine dirt will end up clogging your refrigerator’s filter and is disgusting to look at. It often prevents people from drinking their tap water simply because the water isn’t clear..

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  • orange red rust iron stains - Image


    No homeowner wants their house to be ruined with ugly, embarrassing and costly stains.

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  • woman smelling bad smelling water

    Chlorine, VOCs, Taste and Odor

    It's hard to enjoy tap water that smells or tastes bad, it can be embarrassing and is one of the reasons you to buy bottled water.

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  • Hydrogen Sulfide Rotten Egg Odor - Image

    Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Smell)

    Water which smells musty or like rotten eggs is off-putting and often embarrassing for homeowners. Here you’ll find a quick guide on causes so you can confidently identify your smelly water problem.

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  • Silica Etching and Pitting - Image


    Silica comes from the bedrock that your water source flows through and can be present in private or municipal water sources. Your city’s water treatment plant won’t treat for silica since it doesn’t cause any health issues.

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  • orange cat guards kitchen sink

    What About Testing Water? Your Water Source Matters

    Tap water is unique as your address. Simply put, everyone’s water is different, and each home has a unique set of needs for water treatment. Find out what tests to get and where to get them.

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