Hardness Hits Your Home in Many Ways Affecting Quality of Life

When it comes to water issues, hardness is by far the most common that homeowners face. Since hardness comes from the bedrock which your water flows through and it’s not a health concern, municipal water suppliers are not required to treat it. The pesky hardness minerals from the bedrock hit your home and life in many ways and in this page we explore them showing examples of hard water problems found in the home.

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    Hard water scale plugging spray nozzle

    Hard water plugs spray nozzles in sinks, tubs and showers

  • hard water scale on oiled bronze fixtures

    Scale and Corrosion on fixtures

    Hard water scale and corrosion on fixture and countertop

  • Hard Water scale stained with copper on hot water heater element

    Build up on water heater element

    Hard water build up on water heater elements greatly reducing energy efficiency and shortening element life

  • Hard water buildup in pipes and appliances

    Build up in pipe reduces water flow. Build up in appliances leads to costly repairs

  • Soap Scum and Stains in bath tub

    Soap Scum and Staining

    Hardness causes rings and scum in tubs, sinks and showers

  • hardness scale in hot water heater tank image

    Hardness scale and deposits in hot water heater tank

    Hardness builds up on heater elements and hot water tanks. Heaters have to work much hard for longer to heat your water costing you lots of money

  • Hard water makes white clothes grey - Image

    Hard is tough on clothes

    Hard water reacts with soaps preventing them from working well. When it comes to washing your clothes with hard water whites turn grey and colors dingy or dull.

  • Hard Water Spots Image

    Hard water spots

    Hard water spots are ugly, embarrassing and hard to clean