Hardness Hits Your Home in Many Ways and Lowers Quality of Life

When it comes to water issues, hardness is by far the most common issue that homeowners face. Since hardness comes from the bedrock which your water flows through, but it’s not a health concern, municipal water suppliers are not required to treat it. The pesky minerals from the bedrock hit your home and life in many ways and in this page we explore them.

Water Spots

When the water carrying the minerals that it picked up from the bedrock dries, it will leave water spots on your dishes, showers, and anywhere standing water is left to dry. Untreated hardness sticks and forms ugly hard to clean scale on everything. These untreated spots require more chemicals and time to keep your home looking its best.

Water Spots on Shower Control


Minerals that cause hardness also reduce the effectiveness of laundry detergents and whiteners. This makes it difficult to get bright whites and colors out of your clothes washer. Your favorite clothes just don’t last as long when they don’t come clean.

Grey Dingy Laundry


Over time, minerals will deposit on the inside of your plumbing and appliances causing problems with low flow, water pressure, and appliance performance. Hardness leads to expensive maintenance, repairs or even replacing your plumbing and appliances.

Hardness Buildup Inside Plumbing


Just like your laundry, dish soap’s effectiveness is reduced by hard water. This will result in less suds in your kitchen sink, and increase your soap usage. Softened water reduces time, effort and amount of cleaners spent cleaning and maintaining your kitchen.

Suds increased in Softened Water on Right


Ice makers, coffee machines, dishwashers, and other water using appliances will end up getting scaled up, their performance will be reduced and life shortened with the scale which develops with hardness. With softened water your appliances work better longer and with fewer problems saving you both time and money.

Clothes Washer Damaged with Hardness

Hot water heaters

Since hot water causes hardness in water to become scale faster, they often accumulate a significant amount of scale in the bottom and on the heating element, which reduces efficiency and significantly increases your water heating bill. All types of water heaters are negatively affected if scale develops on the heating elements.

Scale Inside Water Heater and on Heating Element