Demystifying Water Treatment: A Introduction to Integrated Cartridge Solutions

Choosing the right water treatment solution can feel overwhelming. At Cascadian Water, we believe it shouldn't be. That's why we designed our Integrated Cartridge Solutions (ICS) line with clear and straightforward part numbers. Each letter holds a specific meaning, making it easy to understand what each system offers.

Decoding the ICS Code:

  • ICS: stands for "Integrated Cartridge Solutions," highlighting our commitment to combining multiple filtration technologies into one convenient system.
  • Next Letters: represent the specific treatments included in the system. For example, T indicates Taste and Odor treatment, while P signifies PolyHalt® treatment. So, ICS-TP contains two treatments: Taste and Odor followed by PolyHalt®.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

Curious about a specific letter in an ICS part number? Click on it! We've linked each letter to a dedicated page explaining its meaning and the benefits it offers. With this simple system, you're empowered to make informed decisions about your water treatment needs.

No more deciphering codes or jargon. We believe in transparency and making the process as easy as possible. So, explore our ICS line and find your perfect water solution, all thanks to the power of clear communication, or let our Filter Finder Quiz guide you!

When it comes time to replace your filter cartridge, that's easier than ever. Simply tack a 'K' to the end of the system's part number that you purchased and you've found the perfect match to purchase

Interested in changing to a different cartridge? That's easy too. We've designed our integrated cartridge solution to be composable and interchangeable. Meaning that any filter kit you fancy will fit in your system you already have! 

  • ICS Part Number Explainers

    ICS products are Composable

    Everyone's water is unique, sometimes being across town can make all the difference in water quality. Recognizing this fact we didn't want to make just one filter, but a customizable set of filters. With the flexible composability that ICS provides you can find the perfect solution for your water treatment. Here you will find a cross reference to old part numbers too.

  • shells in sand on a beach

    S, Sediment Filtration

    Unlike your standard paper or bag filters, our wound filters will hold sediment in the entire depth of the filter for maximum sediment filtration.

  • crud inside of culvert

    I, Iron Removal

    Iron filter removes clear iron so that it doesn’t have a chance to rust in your plumbing, sinks or anywhere your water goes.

  • woman smelling bad smelling water

    T, Taste & Odor Treatment and VOC reduction

    The T filtration employs a high quality activated carbon filter and can make every tap in your home a pleasure to drink from, avoiding bottled water and protecting our environment.

  • close up image of PolyHalt

    P, PolyHalt® Salt Free Softener and Water Conditioner

    PolyHalt® softens and conditions at the same time. It treats silica, protects plumbing and appliances and more

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Rotten Egg Odor - Image

    H, Hydrogen Sulfide

    Hydrogen sulfide creates that unpleasant Rotten Egg odor no one likes. Learn how to treat it.

  • Cascadian POU Point of Use water treatment system - Image

    Small and Versatile POU ICS

    Cascadian has built the point-of-use size filters for those with flexible needs. The small size of the POU systems allows it to be used nearly anywhere.

  • Cascadian CT-Series Light Commercial Water Filter - Image

    Commercial Units

    When you need more than 15 gpm of water treatment, we've got you covered with our Commercial Tank ICS line.

  • Comparing features and benefits - Image

    Compare PolyHalt to Salt Softeners

    Compare features and benefits of PolyHalt ion bond salt free softening and salt-based ion exchange softening.