Understanding ICS. Learn What Each Letter in the SKU Means

Learn how we structured our ICS part numbers

Using our vast experience at Cascadian Water we wanted to make water treatment simple for everyone. With a short lesson on how we build our part numbers you’ll quickly become a pro when it comes to the options we offer in our Integrated Cartridge Solutions. We use single letter indications for each of the types of water filters we offer, S for Sediment, I for Iron, T for Taste & Odor, P for PolyHalt, and H for Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg). When it comes to finding which ICS is for you simply find what water issues you’d like to address, then find the product which includes all the treatments you want.

Table explaining ICS part numbers

Starting from the left, you can see that the ICS is the beginning of all our ICS product names. After the dash is where things start to be interesting. Starting from left to right, the letters stand for which filtration in that part number comes first in the joint filter. However, there are some exceptions to these rules.

The CT in our commercial ICS product means ‘Cartridge Tank’ and the U says point-of-use, which is a smaller 2.5” x 10” filter for individual appliances or recreational vehicles. We have also developed some filters which fit into the Nuvo H2O filters, and they all have digits in the part number: ICS-SP0621K, ICS-SP1222K, and ICS-SP1242K.

When it comes to changing your filters later you will be looking for the same part number as your original purchase but with a K on the end which stands for filter Kit.

If you find that you would like to try a different ICS system later, you can easily change to a different filter kit since all our whole house filters are interchangeable. The only thing that you would be concerned with is whether you have enough housings to hold the filter cartridges or not

For more details on each type of filter, follow the links below:

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ICS Part Number History

If you don't see your part number your treatment system may be using an old part number. Learn More about older ICS part numbers here.