ICS-SPK Replacement Water Filter for ICS-SP System

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Your Ideal Softener Filter Replacement Solution: The Cascadian ICS-SPK Kit

Looking to maintain the minerals in your water while eliminating the negative impacts of hard water? The Cascadian ICS-SPK cartridge filter replacement kit, a softener filter replacement designed for the Cascadian ICS-SP system is your ideal solution​.  It is an excellent choice for well water and can stand alone or be combined with existing treatment for improved performance.

Enjoy Two High Performance Treatments in one filter

The first treatment is a high capacity multimicron sediment filter. This filter removes particles down to 5 micron to clarify the water and protect downstream treatment and the plumbing, fixtures and appliances.

The second treatment is PolyHalt® media where the water is softened without salt and further conditioned to treat silica and blue copper staining which extends the life of plumbing, fixtures, appliances, windows and glassware etc., by protecting them from damage caused by untreated water.

A Commitment to Eco-Friendliness

Our ICS-SPK filter replacement kit is as kind to the environment as it is to your water. It's a no water waste solution, ensuring that every drop counts. Plus, it's legal everywhere – even in places where salt softeners are banned​​.

Simple Maintenance

With the Cascadian ICS-SPK cartridge filter replacement kit, maintenance is a breeze. You'll only need to change filters once a year or more as required. Enjoy hassle-free, easy maintenance that keeps your water at its best without the stress​​.

Convenient Filter Subscription

Kickstart your journey to better water with our convenient filter subscriptions. Purchase your first replacement filters a year after setting up your system and select the subscription option to save time and 10% off and get free shipping. Enjoy continuous clean water without the need for constant reordering​.

Ready to transform your water experience? Purchase your Cascadian ICS-SPK cartridge filter replacement kit today!

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    Other Specs

    Filter Size: 4.5" x 20"

    Connection: 1" FNPT

    Treatment Included: S, Sediment P, PolyHalt K, Replacement Kit

    • Eco Friendly

      No Water Waste

    • Legal Everywhere

      Our filters can be used where salt softeners are banned

    • Easy Maintenance

      Change filters once or more per year

    • 60 Day Guarantee

      Return it, no questions asked

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where does the ICS system go in my home?

    Where it can fit, and where it can easily get access to your home's water source. This is typically a garage, crawlspace, or even a closet. If you have questions a plumber would be able to help you find the best spot. During maintenance you'll need to fit a bucket and have enough space to turn the sump wrench which comes with your system

    How often do I replace the filters?

    Most people replace their filters once per year, or sooner if they start seeing issues with their water again. Learn about water issues here

    What is the return policy?

    If you are unsatisfied within 60 days of purchase, return the housing and we'll refund your purchase no questions asked.

    How fast do you ship?

    We typically ship same business day if the order is placed before 2 pm PST using UPS ground.

    Rely on our expertise to deliver the simplest water treatment

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    james s (Nampa, US)
    Good price

    Fast. Install was easy. Will order again

    Dear James S, Your 5-star review made our day! We're thrilled you found the ICS-SPK Replacement Water Filter affordable, easy to install, and delivered quickly. It's always rewarding to know our product meets our customers' expectations. Thanks for highlighting the convenience and fast shipping! We strive to offer a smooth and efficient experience, and your feedback confirms we're on the right track. We look forward to seeing you back when it's time for your next filter replacement!

    David Wilson (Seattle, US)
    ICS-SPK Filter

    I have been using these filters for 4 years. Being on well water isn't bad but when I change out the filter I am glad I have this product , no stains or water spots in the house. I recommend!

    Hi David, We're so happy to see your 5-star review after 4 years of trusting the ICS-SPK filter! Knowing it keeps your well water sparkling clean and free of stains brings us a smile. Hearing your long-term satisfaction truly means a lot. We appreciate you recommending us and are always here to ensure your clean water journey continues smoothly. Thanks for being a loyal customer!

    Frank Addison (Gig Harbor, US)
    Clean Water

    We moved into our home in Gig Harbor six years ago. We had our water tested since we were on a private water system. We then installed a Cascadian Water Filter. The system made a difference in the color and taste of our water. Changing the filter annually is quick and easy.

    Hi Frank, Your 5-star review for the ICS-SPK filter made our day! We're delighted that it's been providing clean, delicious water for your Gig Harbor home since you moved in six years ago. Knowing your water system required specific attention, it's incredibly rewarding to hear how the ICS-SPK filter improved the color and taste of your water – that's exactly what it's designed to do! We're thrilled you find the annual filter change quick and easy – convenience is another key focus for us.