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ICS-SPK cartridge filter replacement kit

The ICS-SPK cartridge filter replacement kit is designed specifically for the Cascadian ICS-SP system and engineered to filter sediment and soften and condition all the water for every use in your whole home or business. It is an excellent choice for good tasting well water. 

Two high performance treatments:

  • First treatment is a multimicron depth sediment filter to protect and clarify
  • Second treatment is PolyHalt® salt free softener and water conditioner
    • Produces salt free soft water using ion bond technology to prevent hard water minerals from behaving hard.
    • No need to buy, transport, store or use heavy bags of salt or potassium
    • Prevents harmful and embarrassing stains, hard to remove spots, hard scale buildup and soap scum
    • Protects and reduces problems with plumbing, fixtures and appliances from sediment, mineral and aggressive water damage
    • Prevents silica etching and pitting of glass and fixture damage
    • Makes soft water that doesn't feel slimy or slippery
    • Water is safe for all uses including drinking, cooking, bathing, watering pets plants and gardens
    • Reduces amount of soaps, detergents and work needed to clean 
    • Makes hair look and feel better with less time, shampoo and conditioner
    • Makes clothes last longer and be whiter, brighter and softer longer

Guides and Manuals:

    How it Works Conditions for Operation
    Specifications Filter Change Guide
    Find an Installer


    Change Your Filter

    Warning in the State of California; State of California Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Robert Hacker
    Why can't I just buy it from your warehouse like I use to?

    I used to be able to buy the filter directly from your warehouse. It was convenient. No shipping charges. I would like to do that again. I live 2 miles from your place of business.

    Hi Robert, thanks for being a valuable customer and for leaving a 5-star review.

    About you picking up you filter kit at our warehouse; there are a few reasons we had to stop this practice. I know it seems crazy but it’s the world we live and work in. Please note there is no charge for shipping to you.

    Kelsey (Cascadian Distributor)
    I’ve never gotten one back, I’ve never had a complaint

    We actually have quite a few customers that do like your single cartridge system that is the sediment and the water softener. I would say that I’ve never had one come back before, I’ve never gotten one back, I’ve never had a complaint.

    When they go to install one I say now if you have a salt system you probably won’t be happy just because the waters not going to be that slimy feeling, if your used to one thing its not going to be that way. Sometimes people get it sometimes they don’t. I mean we definitely have a lot of plumbers here in town who really like the system but it would be nice if more people knew about it.

    I don’t hear much feedback from customers and a lot of time I say No News is Good News because when I hear about it it usually means something is wrong.

    Dale (Cascadian Installer)
    Silica problems solved

    Gabe, I have checked at least 6 of the ones I have installed and they all tested the same. So far no one has complained. The applications range from 51ppm to 79ppm silica.

    This system is amazing has kept our well water so crystal clear!!

    Have had our water system for a year now and just replaced our first set of filters. This system is amazing has kept our well water so crystal clear!! My wife and I love this system and how it has improved our water, highly recommend this!!

    Vanessa Will
    The performance of these filters far exceed the previous salt filters I once used

    “Great assistance from the company and very glad to see these products available. It seems expensive (and it is) but the fact that we don’t have to buy and hassle with salt and we don’t have to change them every couple months justifies the cost. The performance of these filters far exceed the previous salt filters I once used. We had this filtering system going on 2 years now and not one problem. A little piece mind goes a long way when you are a new homeowner.”