About Cascadian Water


Over a quarter of a century ago, Gabe Ergler started Cascadian Water with a very specific mission in mind.

“I still remember the first person whose life I saw transformed by simply giving them a way to get better water. She was so happy, almost crying. She couldn’t even talk – as if, in that moment, all the world’s problems had been lifted.”

“What an experience that was, to be a part of helping someone with such a basic quality of life improvement. And all from helping them get natural, healthy, soft water.”

“I knew in that moment, I wanted to help others. As many as I could.”

That was the very beginning of Cascadian Water.

Today — just like all those years ago – we exist to improve lives through innovative, eco-friendly water treatment products and services. 

Simple, in every way

When we thought about how to make the water in your home better, we saw what was already available on the market. And, unfortunately, each solution had a few of these main problems:

  • Too big
  • Too much effort to maintain
  • Lots of waste (water and salt)
  • Not good for the environment
  • Too expensive
  • Too many problems

So, when we began building our ICS line of water softeners, we wanted them to be different. To be better. And we used this list to create a healthy, natural solution that fixed all these problems.


How is our ICS line different?

First, they’re less than half the size of standard salt-based softeners and filters.

Because we use an entirely different (and natural) method, we don’t need salt at all. That cuts down on the size. In fact, our units can easily hang on a wall, out of the way.

The secret is what we call PolyHalt®. It’s based on an old formula that’s been used for over a hundred years. But we’ve made some modern improvements to it.

PolyHalt® allows us to provide natural, soft water – without the gallons and gallons of salty waste-water. All that salty waste-water isn’t great for the environment. And, not to mention, PolyHalt® eliminates the need to buy, transport or store all that salt.

But it wouldn’t be accurate to say we sit around behind closed doors all day, isolated, while we come up with ideas. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

The decisions we’ve made over the years have been a direct result of having an open mind about how to get better water.

Which, by the way, has led to some new developments along the way…

Our open-facing team

Early in our history, we began working directly with dealers and distributors. For the longest time, it wasn’t something we went looking for. It was a word-of-mouth thing. They heard what we were doing, and they just found us.

Today, we’re a bit more intentional. We’ve listened to the feedback from decades of customers. We’ve made notes about what our dealers and distributors have told us. And we are constantly making it easier and better to put clean, naturally soft water in every house and business.

As we look back over the years — from where we’ve come to where we are now — we’re proud of the lives we’ve been able to help.

But… we’re not satisfied.

At our core, we value innovation. Whether that’s in the form of customer support or continuing to find better ways to build our products.

And speaking of innovation…

System Treatment Install Diagram

How we’re innovating

In the early days, we ran across the same problem again and again. We would have a customer with a specific need. But the right treatment simply wasn’t available on the market.

So… we built it.

We’ve done this to treat iron, manganese, tannins, low pH, virus, colloids, hydrogen sulfide, nitrates, bacteria, turbidity, chlorine, lead, fluoride, silica and more.

Ultimately, by keeping our focus on how we can improve, we’ve developed what’s become a cornerstone in our ICS product line: the PolyHalt® salt-free Ion Bond water softeners.

These take into account all the big things we stand for. But it fixes a lot of other things we’ve heard our customers telling us over the years. From getting rid of that slippery feeling and reducing the environmental footprint, to system-design consulting and helping our customers with a turn-key solution.

As a result, our PolyHalt® salt-free Ion Bond water softeners have become some of the most respected in our industry.

The latest innovation - Filter Finder Quiz

Realizing the frustrations experienced while shopping for water treatment we went to work to make it simple and straight forward. We take the guesswork out of finding the right water treatment system with our simple but powerful AI powered Filter Finder Quiz.

Join 10's of thousands of happy customers; Complete this short and simple quiz in a few minutes and we'll accurately recommend the best treatment.


We help our competitor’s customers, too

And as much as we believe in and stand behind our products, we also know that not everyone will have a Cascadian Water system in their home.

Along with that, we know that many of our competitors offer expensive replacement filters. And if we’re really putting our customers first, then it’s not always about getting them to switch to our brand. Sometimes good service looks more like us building a better filter for our competitors’ products.

So, we did that.

We started building high quality filters that fit our competitors’ housings – filters that work better and without our competitors’ high prices.

But we don’t simply limit our innovation to solving our customers’ problems (though that is always top of mind for us). We care about this planet we all share.

Cascadian and the environment

Cascadian and Our Environmental Commitment

We never want to do something in the short term – no matter how much money we can make from it – if it will put our planet in jeopardy.

Water is vital to life everywhere.

And so, to start, all of our products are NSF certified – the highest standard to be obtained.

But our goal isn’t to be passive. By 2023, we’re working to save 250 million gallons of fresh water and 24 million pounds of salt every year.

To put that in perspective, the waste-water alone is the equivalent to 400 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

But real change doesn’t happen because of big goals. It happens because of real-world systems and a culture of dedication to customers and environment.

What’s new today?

The first couple decades, we didn’t advertise. It was all word of mouth. People liked our products and service so much they told their friends about us. In the process, we never stopped making Cascadian better.

We started in the Pacific Northwest. And now that reputation we worked so hard for (and the word out mouth that came with it) has carried us beyond the Pacific Northwest.

Today, you can also find us in the Southwestern U.S. And we’re already beginning to spread beyond. Of course, our products and customer service is the same, no matter where in the country you are.

So, if you have a problem with your water, contact us.

  • Hard water
  • Chlorine Taste and Odor
  • Sediment
  • Silica
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg odor)
  • And more

The above are some of the more common issues we solve for our customers.

Imagine a sediment filter, chlorine filter, and water softener that hangs on your wall, treats water for the whole home or business for an entire year – but is smaller than a carry-on suitcase, doesn’t use salt or electricity, and doesn’t create waste-water.

That’s what we call eco-friendly. And that is the Cascadian solution people have been talking about.


Gabe Ergler


Gabe Ergler - Founder and CEO of Cascadian WaterGabe Ergler is a problem solver at heart. And he solves real problems. Water problems. He first experienced the impact that clean water solutions can have on peoples’ lives when he began installing treatment systems over 25 years ago.

Since that time, he has worked as an installer, distributor, manufacturer, trainer, educator and, finally, as a consultant, visionary and product developer at the forefront of industry change. An advocate and an innovator, he has always believed the water treatment industry is open for change. Most recently, he is personally committed to being part of that change by designing creative and specialized treatment solutions.

Gabe has experienced the industry from every possible angle. In addition to a Business Administration degree, Gabe is also trained or certified as a Water Specialist, Water Works Operator, Water Distribution Manager and Backflow Assembly Installer and Tester. Consulted as an expert, his career has also included advisory work for industrial customers in the winery, brewing, fruit processing, food processing, paper, dairy farming, marine animal, environmental and cosmetics sectors to help solve unique water treatment challenges.


Frequently tapped as a speaker or trainer

Gabe loves to share his passion for water treatment. He has presented to several organizations including the National Ground Water Association, Oregon Ground Water Association, Washington Ground Water Association and Mountain States Ground Water Association. Every chance he gets Gabe presents and teaches to a wide variety of water system management companies, wholesale distributors at the regional, national and international level.

The Cascadian Brand and Products

As he continued to develop his industry expertise, Gabe also began developing his own products by combining the his experience and the best components available and when nothing is available he manufactures it. A personal drive to make sure every customers’ water problem can be solved has led him to develop a line of specialized, proprietary products under the Cascadian® brand. The ever-evolving assortment of Cascadian Water products meet many different residential, commercial and industrial customer needs.

First, he created an improved version of the traditional systems that use tanks, media, control values and often require salt to regenerate. Unlike traditional water treatment solutions, however, Cascadian® fully-automatic products are very specialized. They are designed to do only one or two things and do them very well. This “riffle” approach to treatment greatly improves the success rate and leads to happy customers. Cascadian’s fully-automatic products include OxiTRAP®, SuperTRAP®, SuperTRAP®-UF, ArsenicTRAP™, FluorideTRAP™, OrganicTRAP™ and Pinnacle™.

Most recently Gabe and his team have developed an entirely new way to treat water that is simple, efficient, effective and environmentally-friendly. The ICS (Integrated Cartridge Solutions) line of products from Cascadian® produce high quality water without salt, harsh chemicals, waste water or power. ICS treatment systems are available in a small package requiring simple annual maintenance. Gabe continues to further specialize the ICS products, recently introducing a new cartridge-based water treatment solutions for problematic hydrogen sulfide, aka rotten egg odor, in residential drinking water.

Since 2011 PolyHalt, a no salt water softener for hard water treatment is now a cornerstone of the ICS product line. PolyHalt salt free softeners use ion bond technology to soften water. PolyHalt bonds to hardness minerals changing the way they behave. Once PolyHalt bonds to the hardness minerals they no longer behave hard.

As the water treatment industry continues to grow and change, Gabe will continue to ensure that every last customer can find a clear path to clean water.

Mike Brawley


 Mike Brawley - Warehouse ManagerMr. Mike came on board in 2019 and is the lead in our warehouse. Mike is responsible for some of the most important work to make sure you get the right product, on-time and in good condition. His areas of responsibility include shipping and receiving, manufacturing and communicating with rest of our team.

The overall favorite part of his job is “shipping for survival”. In the face of the sometimes brutal shipping journey products take to customers Mike takes pride in packaging so products end up at the customer in the same condition as they left the warehouse. Mike especially likes shipping pallets of product because of the Tetris like challenge of assembling all the product on a pallet so that it survives it’s journey anywhere across the country.

Mike comes to our team with a variety of past work experience that includes broadcast journalism, working with local radio celebrities, working for a moving company, warehouse management, chef at local high end winery and building large scale air registers and diffusers.

Interesting notes: Mike has an 18 year old daughter and lives in Cle Elum. His hobbies include alpine running in the surrounding Cascade mountains. He is a connoisseur of fine doughnuts and IPA style beer.