About Cascadian Water

Over a quarter of a century ago, Gabe Ergler started Cascadian Water with a very specific mission in mind.

“I still remember the first person whose life I saw transformed by simply giving them a way to get better water. She was so happy, almost crying. She couldn’t even talk – as if, in that moment, all the world’s problems had been lifted.”

“What an experience that was, to be a part of helping someone with such a basic quality of life improvement. And all from helping them get natural, healthy, soft water.”

“I knew in that moment, I wanted to help others, as many as I could experience the same happiness.”

That was the very beginning of Cascadian Water.

Today — just like all those years ago – we exist to improve lives through innovative, eco-friendly water treatment products and services. 


Simple as a flower

Simple, in every way

We believe that getting clean, healthy water for your home shouldn't be complicated. We know that the solutions available on the market today are often too big, require too much maintenance, and are harmful to the environment. Plus, they can be expensive and come with a lot of problems.

That's why we created our ICS line of water softeners and filters. We wanted to provide a simple, natural solution that addresses all these problems. Our systems are designed to be easy to use, require minimal maintenance, and are environmentally friendly. Best of all, our systems are affordable and won't cause you any headaches.

With our ICS line of water softeners, you can enjoy clean, healthy water in your home without any of the hassle. Contact us today to learn more!


How is our ICS product line different?Cascadian ICS Integrated Cartridge Solution

At Cascadian Water, we're proud to offer a water treatment solution that is unlike anything else on the market. Our ICS line of water softeners is less than half the size of standard salt-based softeners and filters. This is because we use a completely different and natural method that doesn't require salt at all. Our units are so compact that they can easily hang on a wall and stay out of the way.

Another advantage of our ICS line of water softeners is that they don't require a drain for waste water. This makes them even more convenient to install in a wider variety of locations. Since our units don't produce gallons of salty waste-water like other systems, you won't need to worry about finding a place to drain the excess water. This not only saves you time and hassle but also lowers the cost of installation.

With our ICS line of water softeners, you can enjoy all the benefits of natural, soft water without the added headache of finding a place to drain the waste-water. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative water treatment solutions!

The secret to our system is PolyHalt®, which is based on an old formula that has been used for over a century. We've made some modern improvements to it to make it even better. PolyHalt® allows us to provide natural, soft water without the gallons of salty waste-water that other systems produce. This makes our solution much more environmentally friendly. Plus, you won't have to buy, transport, or store all that salt.

We believe in being open-minded and are constantly looking for new ways to improve our water treatment solutions. Our decisions have been a direct result of this mindset, leading to some exciting new developments along the way.


Our open-facing team

At Cascadian Water, we pride ourselves on being an open-facing team that works closely with our dealers and distributors. Early in our history, we started working with dealers and distributors based on word-of-mouth recommendations. They liked what we were doing and sought us out.

Over the years, we've listened to feedback from our customers, dealers, and distributors, taking note of what they've told us. We're constantly striving to make it easier and better to provide clean, naturally soft water to every household and business.

Looking back, we're proud of the impact we've had on so many lives by helping them enjoy their water. But we're never satisfied and always strive to improve. We're committed to listening to our customers, dealers, and distributors to continue innovating and providing the best water treatment solutions possible.



At Cascadian Water, innovation is at the core of everything we do. Whether it's providing exceptional customer support, finding better ways to build our products, or making it easier to do business with us, we're always looking for ways to improve.

One way we're innovating is by building custom water treatment solutions for customers with specific needs. In the early days, we encountered customers who needed a specific type of treatment that wasn't available on the market. So, we built it ourselves.

We've developed treatments for a wide range of issues, including iron, manganese, tannins, low pH, viruses, colloids, hydrogen sulfide, nitrates, bacteria, turbidity, chlorine, lead, fluoride, silica, and more.

Our focus on continuous improvement has led to the development of our PolyHalt® salt-free Ion Bond™ water softeners, which have become a cornerstone of our product line. These systems address all the big things we stand for, but also fix many other issues our customers have told us about over the years. From eliminating the slippery feeling of traditional water softeners to reducing the environmental footprint and providing system-design consulting, our PolyHalt® systems are a turn-key solution that meet our customers' unique needs.

As a result, our PolyHalt® salt-free Ion Bond™ water softeners are some of the most respected in the industry, and we're proud to continue innovating and providing the best water treatment solutions possible.

The latest innovation - Filter Finder Quiz Filter Finder Quiz

We understand the frustrations that come with shopping for water treatment solutions. That's why we've developed a simple and straightforward solution that takes the guesswork out of finding the right system for you. Introducing our latest innovation: the Filter Finder Quiz.

The Filter Finder Quiz is a quick and easy way to get accurate recommendations for the best water treatment system for your needs. 

In just a few minutes, you can complete the short and simple quiz, and we'll recommend the best treatment for your unique situation.

Say goodbye to the headaches of searching for the right water treatment system and hello to clean, healthy water with Cascadian Water.

Join the tens of thousands of happy customers who have already completed the quiz and found the perfect solution for their home or business.


We help our competitor’s customers, too  

We believe in standing behind our products and providing exceptional service to our customers. But we also understand that not everyone will have a Cascadian Water system in their home, and that many of our competitors offer expensive replacement filters that just don't work as well as ours.

We're committed to putting our customers first, even if it means building a better filter for our competitors' products. That's why we started building high-quality filters that fit our competitors' housings, filters that work better and without the high prices. If you have any questions about upgrading your treatment from a competitor just reach out and let us how we can help.

At Cascadian Water, we're not just focused on solving our customers' problems. We're also dedicated to taking care of the planet we all share. We're always looking for ways to reduce waste and minimize our impact on the environment.

Whether you're a Cascadian Water customer or not, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our water treatment solutions and how we can help you enjoy clean, healthy water.


Cascadian and our environment

We're committed to protecting the planet for future generations. We never want to do something in the short-term, even if it means making more money, if it will put our planet in jeopardy. We believe that water is vital to life everywhere, it should not be waisted or polluted and we're dedicated to doing our part to preserve this precious resource.

All of our products are NSF certified, which is the highest standard for water treatment systems. But our goal is to do more than just meet the standards. By 2023, we're working to save 250 million gallons of fresh water and 24 million pounds of salt every year. To put that in perspective, the amount of waste-water we're aiming to reduce is equivalent to 400 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

We understand that real change doesn't happen just because of big goals. It takes real-world systems and a culture of dedication to our customers and the environment. That's why we're always looking for ways to reduce waste and minimize our impact on the planet. At Cascadian Water, we believe in doing our part to protect the planet and provide clean, healthy water for all.


What’s new today? 

At Cascadian Water, we're growing and expanding our reach across the country. In the early years, we didn't advertise. It was all about word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers who appreciated our products and services. We never stop striving to improve and make Cascadian Water better for our customers and we continuously grow year after year.

We started in the Pacific Northwest, where the diverse geology creates some of the most challenging water quality problems in the U.S. We gained the knowledge and expertise required to treat these tough water problems, and our reputation grew. Today, you can find us in the Southwestern U.S. and steadily spreading across the entire country. Our products and customer service remain the same, no matter where you are.

Whether you're dealing with hard water, chlorine taste and odor, sediment, silica, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), or any other water quality issue, we're here to help. One example of our innovative solutions is the ICS-STP a sediment filter, chlorine filter, and water softener that hangs on your wall and treats water for the whole home or business for an entire year. It's smaller than a carry-on suitcase, doesn't use salt or electricity, and doesn't create waste-water.

At Cascadian Water, we're committed to providing customer-friendly and eco-friendly solutions that solve your water quality problems. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative water treatment solutions and how we can help you enjoy clean, healthy water.



Gabe Ergler

Gabe Ergler - Founder and CEO of Cascadian Water

Gabe Ergler, the Founder and CEO of Cascadian Water, is a natural problem solver with a passion for clean water solutions. in 1994, he began installing treatment systems and saw first-hand the impact that clean water can have on people's lives. Since then, Gabe has worked in every aspect of the water treatment industry, including as an installer, distributor, manufacturer, trainer, educator, consultant, visionary, and product developer.

Gabe is an advocate and innovator who believes that the water treatment industry is open for change. He has a Business Administration degree and is trained and certified as a Water Specialist, Water Works Operator, Water Distribution Manager, and Backflow Assembly Installer and Tester. Beyond the residential market Gabe has worked with industrial customers in various sectors, including wineries, breweries, fruit processing, food processing, greenhouse growing operations, paper, dairy farming, marine animals, environmental, and cosmetics, to solve unique water treatment challenges.


Frequently tapped as a speaker or trainer

Gabe loves to share his passion for water treatment and frequently speaks or trains at organizations such as the National Ground Water Association, Oregon Ground Water Association, Washington Ground Water Association, and Mountain States Ground Water Association. He presents and teaches to a wide variety of water system management companies, wholesale distributors at the regional, national, and international level.

The Cascadian Brand and Products

As he developed his industry expertise, Gabe began creating his own products under the Cascadian® brand, combining his experience and the best components available. His line of specialized, proprietary products meets the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial customers. For example he developed all of Cascadian's fully-automatic products, including OxiTRAP® for iron manganese and hydrogen sulfide, SuperTRAP® for sediment, SuperTRAP®-UF for very difficult water, ArsenicTRAP™ for arsenic, FluorideTRAP™ for fluoride, OrganicTRAP™ for tannins and lignin, and Pinnacle™ salt based water softener to greatly improve the treatment success rate and lead to happy customers.

Recently, Gabe and his team developed an entirely new way to treat water that is simple, efficient, effective, and environmentally-friendly. The ICS (Integrated Cartridge Solutions) line of products from Cascadian® produce high-quality water without salt, harsh chemicals, waste water, or power. Gabe continues to further specialize the ICS products, recently introducing a new cartridge-based water treatment solution for problematic hydrogen sulfide, aka rotten egg odor, in residential drinking water.

Since 2011, PolyHalt®, a salt free water softener for hard water treatment, has become a cornerstone of the ICS product line. PolyHalt® salt free softeners use ion bond technology to soften water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals or salt. Gabe continues to ensure that every last customer can find a clear path to clean water as the water treatment industry continues to grow and change.