Where to put water treatment in your home or business

Will the filter fit in my home?

We sell filters across the entire US, so it's difficult to give perfect advice on where to install your filter. Every home is built in a different way so your personal location choice will be up to you and your plumber. 

Here are some basic tips to help you find a location that might work before you make a purchase.

  • Installation Manual for ICS Point of Entry Systems


    See the complete installation guide for whole home/business point of entry water treatment systems.

  • The Cascadian Clear Blog. Image


    We've got a great video playlist designed to help you be successful. The video "DIY Tips Part 2: Location Considerations" is all about what to consider when thinking about where to install your water treatment system.

  • Where to install your Cascadian ICS POE Point of Entry Water Treatment System - Image

    General Location

    Point of Entry whole home/business water treatment systems are designed to treat all the water entering the home or business. You can choose whether or not to treat irrigation water. Most don't but if your irrigation water is causing staining you can choose to treat it.