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 ICS-SIPK cartridge filter replacement kit

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The ICS-SIPK cartridge filter replacement kit is specifically designed for the Cascadian ICS-SIP and is engineered to remove sediment, iron and manganese and soften and condition all the water for every use in your whole home or business. It is an excellent choice for well water. 

Contains two cartridge filters to provide three high performance treatments;

  • First treatment is a multimicron depth sediment filter to protect and clarify
  • Second treatment is an iron and manganese filter to stop orange/red and brown/black stains
  • Third treatment is PolyHalt® salt free softener and water conditioner
    • Produces salt free soft water using ion bond technology to prevent hard water minerals from behaving hard.
    • No need to buy, transport, store or use heavy bags of salt or potassium
    • Prevents harmful and embarrassing stains, hard to remove spots, hard scale buildup and soap scum
    • Protects and reduces problems with plumbing, fixtures and appliances from sediment, mineral and aggressive water damage
    • Prevents silica etching and pitting of glass and fixture damage
    • Makes soft water that doesn't feel slimy or slippery
    • Water is safe for all uses including drinking, cooking, bathing, watering pets plants and gardens
    • Reduces amount of soaps, detergents and work needed to clean 
    • Makes hair look and feel better with less time, shampoo and conditioner
    • Makes clothes last longer and be whiter, brighter and softer longer

Guides and Manuals:


Warning in the State of California; State of California Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Katharine Bender
5 Star Rating!!

I've always been very happy with the Cascadian Water Filters! This time I had a good friend help me with installing the new filters. Previously, a professional plumber did this job for me but he wasn't available. The instructions were good and the job itself really isn't difficult, but the filters can be quite heavy- even with the water drained from the cannisters. But we took care not to drop the cannisters, cleaned each one out as directed and replaced the new filters without a problem (no leaks!).
Thank you very much for getting the filters over here to my island home so quickly.
Sincerely, a happy customer, K. Bender

Hi Kay, we’re glad to be able to help by getting your replacement filters to you quickly. We’re also happy to hear you like your water and are glad you were able to change them yourself when your plumber wasn’t available. Thank you for the very nice review.

Rick Z
Awesome filters

We have been using CascadianWater filters for ~2.5 years. We are on Camano Island and the well water in our community has heavy iron and manganese content. We had shared the water report with Cascadian Water, and they had recommended the ICS-SIPK filter set. We have been extremely pleased with their performance and would high recommend others to use CascadianWater filters for their homes.

Hi Rick, thank you so much for sharing your experience with both Cascadian Water and your treatment system. We love to hear and share customer experiences because others rely upon them when shopping for solutions to their own water problems. And in the end we exist to solve problems so customers can enjoy their water.

Pat and Carol Beasley
Our home is now complete...

Thank you for attending our initial HOA neighborhood "well water" meeting in May. Your presentation was very informative and helped us make the decision to your filter from H2O Well Service. What a thrill to see our water in our home go from murky iron-red to a pristine clear color immediately after the filter was installed. Our home is now complete... Thank You!

Aileen McGoldrick
Our water is very clear and soft

The water system you installed for us is working very well. Later this month I will be changing the first filter. Our water is very clear and soft, tastes good and the dishes and clothes are clean and white.

My ICS system removes a great volume of iron

I was having problems with iron and manganese staining…The folks at Ace Hardware recommended a plumber who told me about the ICS treatment systems. I really think the ICS is the best technology available. I really like that the treatment is saltless, doesn’t require a drain and is low maintenance. My ICS system removes a great volume of iron. I love the fact the product is American Made. I give this product a rating of 10, I recommend the ICS product.