Untreated Tap Water Can Cause a Rainbow of Stains

No homeowner wants their house to be ruined with ugly, embarrassing and costly stains. Unfortunately, water that stains is an annoying reality for many people. So where does it come from? Staining is typically caused by a short list of metals which enter your water through leaching of your plumbing or are from your water’s source. On this page we’ll describe the various metals that are found in tap water, what happens when they enter your home and possible sources. 

  • orange red rust iron stains - Image

    Iron Staining

    Iron staining often comes from water that starts clear, but begins to rust in front of your eyes. Iron stains are orange and red colored

  • Manganese black brown stains - Image

    Manganese Staining

    Manganese staining looks similar to iron but is brown to black color

  • Copper blue stains in keurig water resevoir

    Copper Staining

    Copper staining is typically evidence that your water is aggressively dissolving your copper pipes and fittings. Left unchecked your pipes and appliances will fail leading to very costly repairs such as replacing pips, drywall and flooring and black mold remediation. Copper stains are identifiable by their blue/green color

  • Top load clothes washer with significant hard water scale

    Hardness Staining

    Hardness forms white hard to remove spots on everything it touches. It reacts with soaps to cause buildup and spots on appliances, surfaces, your body and hair, windows, cars and more

  • Pink Slime in Toilet bowl

    Pink Stains

    Pink slime stains are actually caused by airborne bacteria and a water filter won't help. Learn about pink slime and what you can do about it