How Cascadian's ICS Water Treatment Systems Impact Lives

Water treatment equipment and the business of water treatment is evolving. Introduced to market in 2011 Integrated Cartridge Solutions (ICS) represent a major shift in the way drinking water has been treated for  many decades. 

Follow the links below to find out how the Cascadian ICS product line makes your life better. 

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    Doing The Right Thing For Our Environment

    If you are concerned about our environment see how ICS water treatment systems greatly reduce the environmental impact of drinking water treatment systems.

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    Have More Time and Money to do What Makes You Happy

    Water treatment systems come with lots of benefits. For instance, saving time and money that you can spend on what makes you happy. Cascadian's ICS treatment systems save you more time and money than any other water treatment system.

  • Size is Not a Problem

    If large old school water treatment systems has prevented you from improving your water and life and ICS systems are just what you need

  • DIY Location Considerations

    No Costly Electrical or Plumbing

    No drain or power available? No problem, one of the best things about ICS systems is how flexible the location requirements are. Learn more from video 2 of our DIY video playlist.

  • Cascadian ICS Systems are Simple


    ICS systems are far more simple than other treatments. Simplicity means no hassle easier maintenance and far fewer things to go wrong. It also means no special water treatment knowledge is required

  • California Softener Ban Map

    Enjoy Soft Water Where Salt Softeners are Banned

    If you live in a jurisdiction where salt-based water softeners are banned you may be searching to understand why the bans and what you can do about it

  • Bob Campbell reviews Cascadian Water's ICS Softeners

    Easy Maintenance

    A simple 10-15 minute filter change is all that is needed to maintain your ICS. Subscribe to AutoShip and you'll automatically get replacement filters, no need to remember. Don't want to change your own filter? Our recommended installers can do it for you

  • operating cost comparison between Cascadian Water ICS vs. Salt Softeners

    Lower Cost Treatment

    With lower cost to purchase and operate ICS systems save you time and money so you can do more of what makes you happy

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    No More Slippery / Slimy Feeling Water

    Are you like most people who don't like the slippery slimy feeling of water softened by a salt softener? Well, we can soften your water without making it feel slippery / slimy feeling