Sediment in Your Water Can Gunk Up Your Home

Sediment is small particles of dust which settle out into the bottom of your glass of water.

This fine dirt will end up clogging your refrigerator’s filter and is disgusting to look at. It often prevents people from drinking their tap water simply because the water isn’t clear.

Sediment can accumulate throughout your appliances and plumbing leading to issues down the road. Toilet tanks will have trouble sealing if there is mud on the bottom, ice makers will not produce clear ice, and your laundry will never truly be clean. Beyond that concern, if there is a significant amount of sediment in your water then cooking will need to be done with bottled water otherwise it’ll taste like dirt.

Often we see that some wells will produce water with sediment on occasion.

If you’re a homeowner in a city old pipes can cause sediment and if the city does some work on the water lines which supply your how there can be a small amount of sediment introduced into the water supply at that time.