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ICS-SPUK Replacement Water Filter for ICS-SPUK System

Treatment Included

S, Sediment P, PolyHalt U, Point of Use K, Replacement Kit

Filter Size

2.5" x 10"

ICS-SPUK - Replacement Filters - Cascadian Water

Product Details

ICS-SPUK cartridge filter replacement kit, goes with the ICS-SPU

The ICS-SPUK cartridge filter replacement kit is designed specifically for the Cascadian ICS-SPU system and engineered to filter sediment and soften and condition the water. Its smaller size makes it perfect for smaller Point of Use applications. 

Two high performance treatments:

  • First treatment is a quality depth sediment filter to protect and clarify
  • Second treatment is PolyHalt® salt free softener and water conditioner
  • Replaces old PN SC214 Scale Control


      Rely on our expertise to deliver the simplest water treatment

      • Eco-Friendly

        No water waste

      • Legal Everywhere

        Our filters can be used where salt softeners are banned

      • Easy Maintenance

        Change filters once or more per year

      • 60 Day Guarantee

        Return it, not questions asked

      • Filter Subscriptions

        Purchase your first replacement filters after a year with your system and select the subscription option to save time and 10% off.

        Filter Subscription
      • Product Specification

        Each product has specific capabilities and unfortunately can't treat every type of water. Find details on the specification.



      Where does ICS go in my Home?

      Where it can fit, and where it can easily get access to your home's water source. This is typically a garage, crawlspace, or even a closet. If you have questions a plumber would be able to help you find the best spot. During maintenance you'll need to fit a bucket and have enough space to turn the sump wrench which comes with your system.

      How often do I replace the filters?

      Most people replace their filters once per year, or sooner if they start seeing issues with their water again. Learn about water issues here

      What is the return policy?

      If you are unsatisfied within 60 days of purchase, return the housing and we'll refund your purchase no questions asked.

      How fast do you ship?

      We typically ship same business day if the order is placed before 2 pm PST using UPS ground.

      Does this include housing o-rings?

      No, the replacement kits do not come with o-rings.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Wayne (Seattle, US)

      Installed as a whole house filter to reduce hard water. Reduced hard water from 400 parts per million to 300 parts per million. Wanted to upgrade to larger filter housing but I'm only the renter.

      Cole Weinberger
      Good filters. .

      Good filters. But very expensive.

      Hi Cole, We’re happy you like the SPUK filter.