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Gary Johnston
Up graded

Had well people doing work and installed the filter, they took out the old corrugated one and we’re pleased when they saw the new one as an upgrade

Hi Gary, the S5K is a huge upgrade to your old filter! You will be amazed when you see what it traps and removes. Thanks for the review.

Joe Rupp
Too soon to know.

Not yet installed. Please ask again after 6 months or so.

My water is perfect!

I love my water. It is clear, tastes great and doesn't stain anymore. I used to have a little bit of sediment that would plug the showerhead at that problem is gone. My iron problems are gone too.

Ralph Weickel
Makes Life Easier

The Cascading Filter ICS-SP1222K is easy to install and does an excellent job of taking sediments out of the water - use a well and the filter prevents sediments from clogging shower nozzle. Highly recommend and a good value.

Hi Ralph, Thank you for the great review.

Axel Russell

New "O" rings should have been included at no cost with these new filters that are priced with a windfall profit at $500 !!!!!!!!!

Hi Axel, as was communicated to you prior to this review there are several reasons we do not include replacement O-rings with every replacement filter kit. These include, extra O-rings are included with every system, the O-rings can last for several years, in the 12 years we’ve been building ICS treatment systems we’ve had two different housings each taking a different O-ring and we have no way of knowing which O-ring any one of our customers may need. So, if we were to include O-rings with every filter replacement kit we would have to include one that would fit and one that did not fit. Supplying O-rings that don’t fit or aren’t needed is not an Eco friendly way to do business and is against our company policy.

To reduce the chance another customer might be expecting to receive O-rings with their replacement filter kit we are working to make it very clear on the website O-rings are not included..

Thank you for the review.

Water Filter: ICS-STPK

It makes our water so much better! Service is Fantastic!! We ordered our filters and I swear they were here the next day!!

Robert Spall
Not much difference

I honestly see no difference in the water quality, except as a sediment filter. No noticeable change in soap lathering, water spotting, etc.

Monroe Johnson

I just ordered the filter, did not install it

Hi Monroe, thanks for the 5 Star review.

William McSweeney

water feels and tastes better. yes we would recommend to our friends (we already did), we like that it is Eco-friendly, small size and easy maintenance.

Hi William, we love to hear the details and that you are happy enough that you recommend Cascadian to others. Thanks for the 5 Star review..

Judy Borland

Great water without salt! We have a well & filter protects pipes & appliances!!

Hi Judy, thank you for sharing your experience and happiness with your Cascadian water treatment system. We love it when customers share so everyone can know.

Love it…so far...

I have been dealing with one large water spot that constantly appeared on my kitchen sink…It’s gone!

Hi Diane, That’s awesome! thanks for sharing with everyone.

Charles Barnes
Not what I expected

I can still smell chlorine in the tap water and the water softener does not eliminate the mineral buildup of rings on the porcelain stools, other than that, I guess it is working plus the filter replacement price is a bit pricey

Hi Charles, you can save money on replacement filters by joining our subscription plan. Please consider this the next time your filters are due for replacement. Thanks for the review.

Don Parker

Had the system for 1 year and we are very pleased with the results. We have very hard water and no more spots on our dishes.

Hi Don, We're so happy you're happy with the treatment of your very hard water and that your dishes don't have spots anymore. Thanks for sharing the nice review.

J. B.
Best filter system ever.

My water is now referred to as "Nectar of the gods". People have been known to travel by foot from hundreds of miles around just for the opportunity suck my garden hose for the sweet drip drop of this pure H20.

Hi J.B., What a great review, love it! Thank you.

Ingrid Schwalbe
One of the Best Water Filter Systems Out There!

We built our home in 2017 and our plumber recommended your system. Before we had a salt water filtration system that worked well. The first two years on your filters we had crystals that leaked into our water system and we had to remove them from our toilet flushing mechanism with tweezers, which was a hassle. However, each time it happened your company sent a new filter for free. After those two years it hasn't happened but once. Our well water tastes great, we do still get mineral deposits on the shower doors and toilets. The only downside is that the two filters are very expensive.

Hi Ingrid, thank you for your review.



Fischer, Thank you for your 5 star review.

Rick Hall


J K Murphey
Great customer service on the phone

Online, Devin and I had difficulty with my shoddy connection. But in person we got it resolved and good service and delivery. Only gripe is probably my fault in that we have a UV system too, which also requires annual replacement. Might be good to ask clients if they need that as well.

Hi J K Murphey, So pleased we could help you and thank you for the review.

Excellent Product

Easy to install, high quality product. I noticed a difference in my water immediately with better taste and no smell. My skin is less dry as well. Highly recommend!!

Hi Bobbi, Thank you so much for sharing your experience with everyone interested in learning about customer experiences with Cascadian. Also thank you for the wonderful picture. Your installation looks very professional and is plumbed exactly as recommended.

cleaning is noticeably easier

Once we installed the ICS-STPK, the mineral buildup in our plumbing has decreased very significantly. While cleaning all sinks, shower, etc is easier, it is the reduction in buildup in the toilet that is most noticeable, about 90% better. This has saved me tons of scrubbing, etc and I'm very happy about this. While the annual filter cost is substantial, I think it is definitely worth it.

Hi SLK, Thank you so much for sharing your experience and thoughts about your ICS-STP and replacement filters.

Kathy Cadwallader


Hi Kathy,

I see you have left a 1 star review for the ICS-SPK. We strive to improve and would like to know more details, could you please share your reason for the 1 Star review? Is there something specific we can do better?


Your Cascadian Water Team

Thank you for getting back to us and explaining you love your water treatment system and the review was supposed to be 5-Star. Could you please revise your review to reflect your true rating?

Very pleased

This filtering system was installed to removed hard water and chlorine from our drinking water. It works extremely well. Our water is so bad the filter needs to be replace at about 9 months versus the normal 12-month cycle. Not the system or filter’s limitation that we can see. Would recommend the system and filter.

Hi McMillin,
We want to thank you for your ICS-TPK review and kind words. We are so pleased to hear success stories like yours.

Lori DiMartino
Love the ICS-SPK filter

Very happy with the ICS-SPK Filter.
Have been ordering and receiving promptly a new filter
from Cascadian Water for 3 years.

Hi Lori, Super glad to hear you are 'very happy' with your filter and thank you for being a loyal customer for 3 years.

Andrea Forbush

Works great just a little tricky to change.

Hi Andrea,
Thank you for the review and letting everyone know your treatment system 'works great'.

Cascadian filter replacement

I received my Cascadian filter replacement several months before I needed it. The scheduling got altered, I think, because Cascadian revamped their website and I was asked to sign up again for the auto-refill program. Will try to modify the schedule on their website.

Thank you for the review. Sorry for any mix up, don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help.