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At Cascadian Water, we pride ourselves on the caliber of our products, which often render words unnecessary. Our belief in complete transparency has led us to proudly display every customer review we receive, offering insights into the experiences of our real-world users. 

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Great water conditioner

Very happy with it. Low maintenance and top quality. Have had it for three or four years

Dear Beverly, Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with our ICS-TPK Replacement Water Filter! We're thrilled to hear that it's been providing you with great water conditioning and living up to our 'low maintenance, top quality' promise for several years now. It's customers like you who make our work so rewarding. We truly appreciate your feedback and hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of clean, softened water for years to come.

New and improved water

We moved into our new custom built home in 2023 and now have a year of real life experience using our duel filter Cascadian whole house water filter. In our previous homes we had salt based softeners that required monthly additions of salt leaving the water with that softened taste and mouth feel. And depending how the softener was calibrated, the water could be over-softened leaving it slippery and made rinsing shampoos and soap in the shower difficult. The monthly purchase of salt and lugging it to the softener was a pain.

Now that we have a full 13 months of experience, we have been totally satisfied with our Cascadian Filter. The water quality is enhanced. The taste of the water is much improved over untreated city water. Funky odors and fluoride smell is gone. We have eliminated the need to buy bottled waters and we use a CO2 bubbler to make our own fuzzy drinking water instead of buying canned LaCroix. Glass in the shower stays clean with virtually no hard water deposits. Even our outdoor spigots are on the filtered system, so we can use it on our plants and grass. Salt treated water of old softeners can be hard on plants, so this was a benefit we didn’t initially consider.

When it came time to change the filters at 12 months, I was anxious to see the condition of the used filters. The cartridges were easy to remove, the enclosed directions accurately demonstrated the best way to remove, clean and reassemble. The **** that the filters removed from our water was impressive, and energized our belief in the decision we made to not go with a traditional salt based softener. With four people in our house, plus two dogs and two cats, we fully tested our Cascadian system and it exceeded our expectations.

Edward, thank you for sharing your thorough and enthusiastic review of our Cascadian whole house water filter! We're thrilled to hear it's exceeding your expectations in your new custom home.

It's wonderful that you're enjoying the improved taste and odor of your water, without the hassle and drawbacks of a salt-based softener. The fact that it's benefiting your whole household – even the pets and plants – is truly a testament to its effectiveness.

We're particularly excited that you were able to witness firsthand the impressive amount of 'crap' the filters removed from your water. Your photos are a powerful visual for others considering our system! It's clear that our dual-filter design is living up to its promise of comprehensive water treatment.

Your positive experience with the filter change process is also valuable feedback. We strive to make maintenance as easy and straightforward as possible, so we're glad to hear our instructions were helpful.

Thank you again for choosing Cascadian Water. We appreciate your support and are committed to providing you with continued satisfaction and clean, delicious water for years to come!

No replacement o-rings

I was expecting replacement o-rings. There were none in this package, only the lubricant and the gaskets for filter #2.


Thank you for your feedback. We apologize that the replacement o-rings were not included in your order. As we discussed via email, our ordering process requires customers to specify their filter housing type to ensure the correct o-rings are included. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you again in the future.

ICS-TPK Replacement Water Filter for ICS-TP System
Clifford Bowen (Mexico City, MX)
Easy replacement

The replacement filter came as scheduled and I was able to install in 30 minutes

I was a little sceptical

As being a plumber for more years than I want to remember I was a little sceptical on using your ICS-H filter. I was taught that the only way I was going to remedy the issue was by using an injection type of system. After an easy installation and draining my water heater the results were quite impressive. The well water here in the Finger Lakes of New York has a strong odor especially when using the hot water. I have my fingers crossed that it will maintain in effect for the next six months of usage because in the summer months the odor increases. Old dogs can be taught new tricks(ideas). Thanks again!

Happy with product and service

My water filter replaced an old water softener that had been disconnected by the previous owner of my home. I live in eastern Idaho where the water is pulled from an aquifer and is mineralized needing filtration. This filter does its job and is easy to change the filter element annually.

Hi Kenneth, Thanks for taking the time to leave a fantastic review! We're so happy to hear our filter is doing a great job handling your mineralized well water in eastern Idaho. Easy annual filter replacements are definitely a plus! If you ever have any questions about your filter or need any assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Latest purchase

The overall cartridge works well. Still issues with build up, but satisfied with how it works.

Stephen, thanks for the fantastic review! We're glad the ICS-SP1222K with PolyHalt® is working well overall. To address the remaining buildup you mentioned, our customer service team would be happy to discuss some troubleshooting tips or answer any questions you might have. We're committed to ensuring you achieve the best possible water quality. Thanks for choosing Cascadian Water!


I still get water spots on dishes and on faucets.

Hi George, thank you for your review. We're sorry to hear you're still experiencing water spots on dishes and faucets. While water softeners like the ICS-1242K significantly reduce hard water minerals that cause these spots, sometimes trace amounts remain.

We have some helpful resources on our website that might help:
- Why Water Softeners May Leave Spots: You can find this article by visiting our website at and searching for 'spots'.
- Preventing Dishwasher Spots: While on search for 'dish' to locate it.

If these resources don't address your concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. We're happy to help troubleshoot further and ensure you're getting the most out of your water softener.

Water filter

I have a plumber replace the filters once a year. I have one set I keep on hand for the replacement and purchase a new one to have on hand. I live in an area with hard water and this filter cleans the water before it flows throughout the house. The water tastes clean.

MartyD, thank you for the fantastic review! We're delighted to hear the ICS-STPK keeps your home's water clean and tasting great throughout the year. Smart planning to keep a spare filter on hand - it ensures uninterrupted enjoyment of soft, clean water. Thanks for choosing Cascadian Water!

Works well but seems fragile

I received my cartridge and immediately went to install it but taking it out of the box I found that my cartridge was broken in half and spilling beads out. I did not manhandle it and the packaging seemed adequate to protect it in shipping so I either got a bad example or the materials used are not sturdy enough. The nuvo cartridges are rigid plastic and seem very durable. Cascade cartridges are 50% more expensive and feel like they are made out of packing materials. Customer service was attentive and prompt in mailing a free replacement. It seems to be working as intended.

Dear John, Thank you for your review of the Cascadian ICS-SP1222K Nuvo Home Alternative Replacement Filter. We're glad to hear the replacement filter is functioning well, and we apologize for the unfortunate experience you had with the initial unit. Our Cascadian ICS-SP1222K filters, while more expensive upfront, include sediment filtration and last twice as long as Nuvo filters (one replacement per year), making them a real bargain in the long run!

We take product quality very seriously, and any damage during transit is unacceptable. We're committed to continuous improvement, we're investigating the matter further to ensure proper packaging and handling to prevent similar occurrences. We're also happy to hear our customer service team was able to assist you promptly with a replacement. Thank you for your understanding and for choosing Cascadian Water.

Allways pleased with their service

I’ve been a Cascadian customer for five years and I’m always pleased with their service. Their products meet my expectations and Devin responds quickly and efficiently to any questions or concerns.

Allways pleased with their service

I’ve been a Cascadian customer for five years and I’m always pleased with their service. Their products meet my expectations and Devin responds quickly and efficiently to any questions or concerns.

Way to expensive

$100 is overpriced for a small water filter. The fact that it can only ordered from the company is also wrong. There is no pricing competition.

Hi Susan,Thank you for your feedback. We understand your concerns about price and availability. While it features advanced technology for optimal performance, we acknowledge individual needs vary. We'd love to discuss alternatives that might better suit you, please contact our customer service team.

Good price

Fast. Install was easy. Will order again

Dear James S, Your 5-star review made our day! We're thrilled you found the ICS-SPK Replacement Water Filter affordable, easy to install, and delivered quickly. It's always rewarding to know our product meets our customers' expectations. Thanks for highlighting the convenience and fast shipping! We strive to offer a smooth and efficient experience, and your feedback confirms we're on the right track. We look forward to seeing you back when it's time for your next filter replacement!

ICS-SPK Filter

I have been using these filters for 4 years. Being on well water isn't bad but when I change out the filter I am glad I have this product , no stains or water spots in the house. I recommend!

Hi David, We're so happy to see your 5-star review after 4 years of trusting the ICS-SPK filter! Knowing it keeps your well water sparkling clean and free of stains brings us a smile. Hearing your long-term satisfaction truly means a lot. We appreciate you recommending us and are always here to ensure your clean water journey continues smoothly. Thanks for being a loyal customer!

Cascadian makes the process easy!

This year Cascadian have updated their subscription program. Because the timing of this update was precisely when our subscription was due to shipped, we wound up with two sets of filters arriving a day apart. The process to send one back was handled adroitly by Cascadian and could not have been easier. Thank you, Cascadian, for such a fine job.

Hi James, Your 5-star review made our day! We're incredibly grateful for your kind words about our new subscription program and the ease of managing your filter replacements. We understand receiving duplicate filters might be inconvenient, so we're thrilled to hear your experience of returning one was smooth and hassle-free. That's exactly what we strive for in our customer service. Thank you for taking the time to share your positive feedback. It means a lot to our team! We're continuously improving our subscription program to offer the best possible experience, and your input is valuable.

ICS-SIK Replacement Filter for ICS-SI System
Kathleen Russell (Port Orchard, US)
Great filter that takes the iron out of our water

My unfiltered water rusted my washing machine and stained the toilet and tub.
The process has been corrected.

Dear Kathleen, We are so grateful for your updated 5-star review and incredibly happy to see the photo of the ICS-SI filter in action! It's clear that it's making a big difference in the quality of your water, and we're thrilled to hear it's preventing rust and stains in your appliances and keeping your home sparkling clean. We understand the frustration of dealing with rusty appliances and stains, and we're proud that our product has helped solve that problem for you. If you ever have any questions or need assistance with your filter, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to help!

Excellent product.

It does the job.

Hi John, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review of our ICS-SIK Replacement Filter for the ICS-SI System! We're thrilled to hear that you're satisfied with the product and that it's sediment and iron effectively.

Price is ridiculous

Hi Gary, Thanks for your concern over price. We do offer an annual subscription service where you can save 10% on filters. If you would like to subscribe we'll be happy to help!

Not so easy to replace filters

This was my first year in a house with a Cascadian system. Replacing the filters made an immediate difference in water quality. Mine needed to be changed after about 10 months; at that point I was smelling chlorine and some other off odors. It cost close to $200 to hire a plumber to change the filters, and even for him it wasn't a piece of cake. So between the filters and the plumber, plan on spending about $700 a year. Be aware that the Cascadian system does not remove PFAS from your water, if that is a problem in your area. I installed an additional Zerowater filtration system for my drinking water to take care of that problem.

Ordering the replacement filters from Cascadian was fast and easy, and they arrived in a couple of days. Very nice service on the phone as well.

Hi A Rudenko, Thank you for your thoughtful review! We're thrilled to hear the filters made an immediate difference in your water quality. We understand replacing filters can be daunting, especially the first time. We'd like to offer an alternative for future changes: DIY!

Many customers find changing Cascadian filters themselves to be a breeze. We have a comprehensive video guide that walks you through the process step-by-step: [link to video It's quick, easy, and can save you hundreds.

Of course, if you prefer professional assistance, we completely understand. We're happy to recommend a trusted plumber in your area.

As for PFAS, you're right - our system doesn't currently address this emerging contaminant. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and are actively exploring solutions.

Thank you again for your feedback. We're always working to improve your Cascadian experience, and your insights are valuable.
Sincerely, The Cascadian Team

ICS-TPK Replacement Water Filter for ICS-TP System
Jim Miles (Rancho Cucamonga, US)
Cascadian water filter

I have not installed the most recent purchased filter. This would be the 2nd replacement. The original and 1st replacement did exactly what we had hoped for and that was provide us with soft water for showers that we have been used to for several years! It works great and lasts longer than advertised.

Jim, Thank you for your fantastic 5-star review! Your words about the effectiveness and longevity of the ICS-TPK filter truly mean a lot to us.

We're delighted to know that our salt-free softener and activated carbon combo has become an essential part of your home, and we're especially proud that it's exceeding your expectations with its durability.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience, and we hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of soft, clean water for years to come. Thank you for choosing Cascadian Water!

Always Clear

The filter works for a year without fail. The pre-filter removed during the exchange is always brown and we are grateful that the filtration system works so well. I couldn't imagine having no system.

Thanks for the awesome review, John! We're thrilled the ICS-SIK filter keeps your water clear for a year. The brown pre-filter is proof it's working hard! We're always here if you need anything.

Clean Water

We moved into our home in Gig Harbor six years ago. We had our water tested since we were on a private water system. We then installed a Cascadian Water Filter. The system made a difference in the color and taste of our water. Changing the filter annually is quick and easy.

Hi Frank, Your 5-star review for the ICS-SPK filter made our day! We're delighted that it's been providing clean, delicious water for your Gig Harbor home since you moved in six years ago. Knowing your water system required specific attention, it's incredibly rewarding to hear how the ICS-SPK filter improved the color and taste of your water – that's exactly what it's designed to do! We're thrilled you find the annual filter change quick and easy – convenience is another key focus for us.

Kennewick satisfied customer

Replaced old salt water treatment system with the Cascadian ICS-TP system in 2017, and we're extremely satisfied!
The complete system takes up less than a third of the space of the old system, it's much easier to replace the filters than making a mess with the rock salt, their video providing step by step directions of replacing filters is outstanding, the staff is experienced and helpful, and the water is cleaner and softer resulting in less hardwater buildup of our faucets.
With what we've experienced, we'd choose the Cascadian ICS-TP system 100 times out of 100 over ANY other system!

Dear Glenn G., Thank you so much for taking the time to share your fantastic review of the Cascadian ICS-TP system and the ICS-TPK replacement filters! We're absolutely thrilled to hear how happy you are with your purchase, and it's truly rewarding to know that the system has exceeded your expectations in every way.

Your feedback about the space savings, ease of maintenance, and helpfulness of our staff resonates deeply with us. We designed the ICS-TP system with convenience and user experience in mind, so it's wonderful to hear that our efforts have paid off. We're also glad you found our filter replacement video helpful – it's always gratifying to know that our resources are making a difference.

Most importantly, we're delighted to learn that your water is cleaner and softer thanks to the ICS-TP system. Less hard water buildup and better-tasting water are just a few of the benefits our customers enjoy, and it brings us great satisfaction to know that you're experiencing them firsthand.

Your 100 out of 100 endorsement means the world to us, Glenn. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible water filtration solutions, and your positive review is a testament to our commitment.

Thank you again for choosing Cascadian Water. We're confident that you'll continue to enjoy the benefits of the ICS-TP system for many years to come.


The Cascadian Water Team

Easy install.

This was my first attempt at replacing the filter by myself. I did not use YouTube or any other instructions as this was a pretty intuitive procedure . Everything went well. Only improvement ,ent I can think of is to put the lubricant tube/ instructions into the same poly bag as the filter so that they are easier to see. My lube/instruction kit got hung up in the shipping box, so I did not see them until after the install was complete.

Hi David,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a fantastic review of the ICS-SPK replacement water filter! We're thrilled to hear that you found the installation process intuitive and straightforward, even without consulting any extra instructions.

Your point about the lubricant tube and instructions is absolutely spot-on. We strive to make our products as user-friendly as possible, and that includes having readily accessible information during the installation process. We'll definitely take your feedback into account and see what we can do to improve the packaging so that all the necessary components are clearly visible and readily accessible.

We're happy to hear that everything went smoothly in the end, and we hope you're enjoying the clean, fresh water from your ICS-SP system! If you have any other questions or feedback in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thanks again for your review, David!


The Cascadian Water Team