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Very pleased

This filtering system was installed to removed hard water and chlorine from our drinking water. It works extremely well. Our water is so bad the filter needs to be replace at about 9 months versus the normal 12-month cycle. Not the system or filter’s limitation that we can see. Would recommend the system and filter.

Hi McMillin,
We want to thank you for your ICS-TPK review and kind words. We are so pleased to hear success stories like yours.

Lori DiMartino
Love the ICS-SPK filter

Very happy with the ICS-SPK Filter.
Have been ordering and receiving promptly a new filter
from Cascadian Water for 3 years.

Hi Lori, Super glad to hear you are 'very happy' with your filter and thank you for being a loyal customer for 3 years.

Andrea Forbush

Works great just a little tricky to change.

Hi Andrea,
Thank you for the review and letting everyone know your treatment system 'works great'.

Cascadian filter replacement

I received my Cascadian filter replacement several months before I needed it. The scheduling got altered, I think, because Cascadian revamped their website and I was asked to sign up again for the auto-refill program. Will try to modify the schedule on their website.

Thank you for the review. Sorry for any mix up, don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

Mark Lytle

I wish there was a scientific way to test whether you need to change your filters. Shaking a bottle of water with a drop of soap In it , is silly. I haven’t tested the water quality at a lab . Any suggestions on where to have the water tested?

Hi Mark, we agree it would be nice to have a easy test. We have found in over 97% of applications changing your filter every 12 months works very well.

Alvin Lawyer
Still working good, that's why I change every 9 months

Keep up the good work.

Hi Alvin, Thank you for your review. Much appreciated.

David Heath

The well water is crystal clear, everyone enjoys the taste and my laundry is clean!
I already recommend this product and system to my neighbor and friends.

Hi David, that's why we're in business, to help everyone to enjoy their water. And thank you for recommending Cascadian to friends and neighbors, that's the highest complement we can get.


No mineral buildup on appliances or shower head/glass.

Hi Kroon, thank you for your review. We are always looing for ways to improve. It seems you are happy with the product but left a 2 Star review. Please contact us directly to help us understand how we can do better.

Katharine Bender
5 Star Rating!!

I've always been very happy with the Cascadian Water Filters! This time I had a good friend help me with installing the new filters. Previously, a professional plumber did this job for me but he wasn't available. The instructions were good and the job itself really isn't difficult, but the filters can be quite heavy- even with the water drained from the cannisters. But we took care not to drop the cannisters, cleaned each one out as directed and replaced the new filters without a problem (no leaks!).
Thank you very much for getting the filters over here to my island home so quickly.
Sincerely, a happy customer, K. Bender

Hi Kay, we’re glad to be able to help by getting your replacement filters to you quickly. We’re also happy to hear you like your water and are glad you were able to change them yourself when your plumber wasn’t available. Thank you for the very nice review.

Cole Weinberger
Good filters. .

Good filters. But very expensive.

Hi Cole, We’re happy you like the SPUK filter.

Mel Cooke
replaced filter

Easy to replace, great online video for instruction, works like new.

Thank you Mel,
We are happy it was easy to replace your filter and found the video helpful too. Keep enjoying your water!

Chris Raymond
Filter replacement

Five stars. Easy to find on-line, fast delivery, perfect on-line video for how to replace the filter with great tips (it's heavy). Thanks.

Hi Chris, Thanks for sharing your experience and we're glad to hear you found the video was helpful.

Carolyn Elliott
I rely on my filters.

Every nine months I replace my filters to remove the iron out of my well water. What a difference it makes. Thank you, CASCADIAN for your quality products.

Thank you Carolyn for sharing your personal experience with your ICS-SIK. Sharing your experience will help others who are considering a Cascadian water treatment system of their own.

Larry Leach
Water filter

Couldn’t get the casing open , which is always a fight, so haven’t been able to swap out the filter yet

Hi Larry,

I see by your review you are having problems changing your filter because of a tight housing. I thought I might be able to help first by explaining how a housing can be tight and second by explaining what to do and third by explaining how to avoid in the future.

Always start by thoroughly reading and following filter change instructions.

First, a housing can be tight because the water pressure has not be relieved. Please relieve the pressure by following instructions included with your system and replacement filter. If you've relieved the water pressure and the housing is still tight this happens when the housing is tightened with a filter wrench instead of by hand as described in the instructions. Also is never hurts to clean and lube the O-ring.

Second, to remove a tight housing use the housing wrench and with the wrench as high up on the housing as it will go tap the wrench to jar the housing.

Third, to prevent the housing from being too tight make sure the O-ring is clean and lubed (lube is included with replacement filter). When re-installing the housing Hand tighten only, do not use the wrench. Once the housing has met the cap do not tighten more than 1/4 turn.

Please let me know you got your filter changed or if there is anything more I can help with.


Clifford Bowen
Good Start

The filter was easy for a plumber to install. We are still evaluating the water softening to appliances and faucets. The water tastes fine.

Thank you Clifford, your review provides good information to others shopping for a easy to install water treatment system.

Rick Z
Awesome filters

We have been using CascadianWater filters for ~2.5 years. We are on Camano Island and the well water in our community has heavy iron and manganese content. We had shared the water report with Cascadian Water, and they had recommended the ICS-SIPK filter set. We have been extremely pleased with their performance and would high recommend others to use CascadianWater filters for their homes.

Hi Rick, thank you so much for sharing your experience with both Cascadian Water and your treatment system. We love to hear and share customer experiences because others rely upon them when shopping for solutions to their own water problems. And in the end we exist to solve problems so customers can enjoy their water.

Marcia Beberfall

ICS-TPK Activated Carbon Filter and PolyHalt Salt Free Softener Cartridge Filter Replacement Kit

Kathryn Griffith
Love this filtered water!

I hate the taste of the water at my daughter’s house but if I use this filtered water bottle, I can’t taste it at all!! Love it!

Joseph Norberg

A quick supply of needed replacement filters. Everything back to normal. Thanks

Robert Hacker
Why can't I just buy it from your warehouse like I use to?

I used to be able to buy the filter directly from your warehouse. It was convenient. No shipping charges. I would like to do that again. I live 2 miles from your place of business.

Hi Robert, thanks for being a valuable customer and for leaving a 5-star review.

About you picking up you filter kit at our warehouse; there are a few reasons we had to stop this practice. I know it seems crazy but it’s the world we live and work in. Please note there is no charge for shipping to you.

Shirley Pfennig
Nuvo H2O Studio Replacement Filter Kit?

I received the kit fast and am very appreciative of the quick service.

Kay Johnson

so far they have done what was expected and given us a good water supply.
need to change them twice a year because of our ground here.

Cascading Water filter

We have a cascading water filter system and replace the filters once a year. The first filter catches the majority of the sediment entering the house. When we change it out the first filter looks chocolate brown and the second filter looks cream colored. They start out white! The taste of the water is great and odor free. I am happy with this product.

Richard Dievendorff
Very effective fixing my hardness problems

My ICS product is great, it's very effective fixing my hardness problems. My water tastes great too. The system is small, salt-less and doesn't require a drain.

Richard Swanson
The mineral build-up on fixtures is manageable

The produce works as described. The mineral build-up on fixtures is manageable. Prior to installation, not so much.