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Cascadian AF-ORing45 Replacement O-Ring 2nd Generation POE Systems. Image
Identify which O-ring fits your Cascadian water treatment system. Image
Identify which generation is your Cascadian water treatment system. Image


Replacement O-Ring 2nd Generation POE Systems

NOTE: The AF-ORing45  O-Ring fits 2nd generation Whole House ICS systems sold from April 2019.

This O-Ring is BLUE COLORED and will not fit 1st generation treatment systems with a BLACK COLORED O-Ring.

If you need a replacement O-Ring for your 1st generation treatment system To purchase the 1st generation black colored O-ring you need PN: P-151122.

Replacement filter housing O-Ring for 2nd Generation ICS Water Treatment Systems including;

  • ICS-H
  • ICS-P
  • ICS-PH
  • ICS-SP
  • ICS-S5
  • ICS-SI
  • ICS-ST
  • ICS-TO
  • ICS-TP

Determining Your ICS's Generation

This will point to a page that explains the differences between gen 1 and gen 2

  • Eco-Friendly

    No water waste

  • Legal Everywhere

    Our filters can be used where salt softeners are banned

  • Easy Maintenance

    Change filters once or more per year

  • 60 Day Guarantee

    Return it, not questions asked

Rely on our expertise to deliver the simplest water treatment

– Cascadian Water has served the needs of our community for nearly 30 years