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Plumbers, Wholesalers and Affiliates, looking to:

  • Expand your service offerings?
  • Increase customer satisfaction?
  • Boost your bottom line?

Partnering with Cascadian Water can help you achieve all of this and more. We offer a win-win partnership built on quality products, dedicated support, and valuable programs designed to help you grow your business.


Why Choose Cascadian Water?

  • Proven Products: Offer your customers industry-leading water treatment systems with exclusive technologies and backed by comprehensive warranties.
  • Increased Revenue: Generate additional income through sales, installations, and ongoing maintenance contracts.
  • Dedicated Support: Receive comprehensive product training, marketing materials, and ongoing support from our experienced team.
  • Strong Reputation: Benefit from our established brand recognition and commitment to innovation.

Plus, enjoy exclusive benefits as a Cascadian Water B2B customer:

  • Preferred Dealer Listing: Get featured on our website, increasing your visibility to potential customers. See our Preferred Dealer Listing Page
  • Affiliate Program Membership: Join the optional Cascadian Affiliate Program and earn commissions on every sale generated through your unique referral link and discount code.
  • Marketing Support: Access co-branded marketing materials and promotional tools to help you reach new customers.


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See what other plumbers are saying:

"No matter what water I come up against I know Cascadian Water has a solution for it.

“I have used a lot of filtration company’s products over the last 15 years, some were terrible, some were not so bad however; none of them have as complete of a package of products like Cascadian Water does.  They can recommend EXACTLY what it will take to fix the customer’s water problems right from the start, not just throwing equipment at the problem till it is satisfactory. No matter what water I come up against I know (Cascadian Water) has a solution for it." - Brady Denlinger, Excel Plumbing


We know that customers buy on trust, yours and ours. And we wanted to merge that so everyone gets the maximum benefit. Our products and your quality services for those who need them most. That's why we built our Preferred Dealer Listing Page - to put customers in contact with recommended installers near them.