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Why Cascadian Water Tastes So Good

Why Cascadian Water Tastes So Good

Devin Ergler |

What’s the key to great-tasting water? That’s a complicated question, but after 30 years in the water treatment business, we think we’ve got the answer. 

Untreated municipal groundwater takes in leached minerals, agricultural chemicals, and treatment chemicals on its way to your tap. On the other hand, water treated by traditional salt-based softeners can have a briny, chemical taste.t took us a few decades, but we’ve found a great-tasting solution to hard water by splitting the difference — keeping the minerals nature intended in your tap water while stripping away the bad stuff, with no salty after-effects.

The Science Behind Our Pure and Simple Water

Cascadian softeners don’t remove “hardness” minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. 

Instead, by using minute amounts of a gentle proprietary chemical called PolyHalt, they change the properties of these minerals so they don’t act “hard” in your pipes, on your fixtures, on your skin and hair. 

Unlike salt-based filters, which leave your water bereft of minerals, Cascadian leaves them in, keeping them bio-available and improving your water’s taste. 

Our PolyHalt systems not only soften water, but can also filter it using optional activated carbon conditioners. Activated carbon effectively removes chlorine used to disinfect municipal water by trapping it inside the carbon’s nooks and crannies. We also offer sulfur treatment systems that get rid of that nasty rotten egg smell that sometimes comes with well water, and iron filters that eliminate dark oxidation statins and improve water’s taste.

Customer Testimonials: Real-World Proof

So, now that we’ve led you to the best-tasting home water out there, take a drink. These customers did, and we’re proud to share their feedback: 


Linda from Mount Vernon, WA says:

I live on an island where the water is hard and tastes awful. I was wanting to put in a water softener but my plumber convinced me to use the Cascadian Water system with the ICS-STPK filter. I couldn't be happier. First of all the water tastes great, my fixtures are not sporting hard water stains, and taking a shower or bath is a soft water delight. I am awed by the gunk on the filters when I change them once a year. (Terrifying, actually!). I'm so please[d] with this system, I added it to my rental house for my tenants. All is excellent!

Michael from Irvine, CA chimes in with:

The community well water at my getaway house was safe but incredibly hard and tasted terrible. The filter system makes the water tasteful and refreshing. The annual filter change is easy and takes less than 30 minutes. Highly recommended.

And Dee from Salt Lake City, UT sums it up: 

Tastes like pure mountain water. No weird hint of manmade additives. Pure as nature intended.

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When it comes to water, taste is the clearest, best indicator of quality. When it tastes fresh, clean, and healthy, you just know it is fresh, clean, and healthy. Research it yourself—you’ll find that the taste of Cascadian is consistently referenced, whereas with salt-based and salt-free competitors alike, taste is barely mentioned at all. 

A taste is worth a thousand words, but once you go Cascadian, you’ll only need three: Pure and Simple.