Why Citrus-Based Softeners are Real Lemons

Why Citrus-Based Softeners are Real Lemon

Devin Ergler |

Salt-free water softeners are a growing market. Among the sea of choices, two contenders stand out: Cascadian PolyHalt® Ion Bond and NuvoH2O Citrus-Based Softeners. Both are pioneers in the salt-free water softener market and offer cartridge-based systems that are eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and made in the USA. However, the similarities end there. 

Let’s dive into what sets Cascadian apart and why it's arguably the only non-salt-based water softener that actually works.

Comprehensive Treatment Without Harsh Chemicals

NuvoH2O’s citric acid concentration can lower water’s pH so much that it etches away at concrete and metal. We’ve even had one former NuvoH2O customer claim Nuvo drainage ate a hole in his truck bed! Since the PolyHalt® process involves no harsh chemicals, your yard, driveways, and truck beds are safe from citric acid’s corrosive effects. Plus, PolyHalt takes things a step further. 

The PolyHalt Ion Bond process doesn’t just stop hard water: it also treats staining and provides corrosion protection from low pH or aggressive water, stops iron and manganese staining, and treats low pH or acidic water (unlike NuvoH2O, which actually makes water more acidic). 

Used NuvoH20 citrus softener damaging truck bed

Experience and Expertise

Cascadian has a long history of building salt-based softeners and traditional filters for some of the most challenging water problems out there. This background in water treatment gives us an edge that others lack. 

We don’t stop at water softening. We also have decades of expertise in sediment and chlorine treatment, H2O iron removal, H2S odor remediation, and UV disinfection systems. 

Yeah, we’re boasting. But no one else in the salt-free arena can do as much as Cascadian, simply because they don’t have the experience that we do. 

The Swiss Army Knife of Softening Systems

Cascadian offers multi-purpose systems that cater to a wide range of needs. With PolyHalt®, you can choose a single filter that combines softening with carbon filtration for both hardness and chlorine taste and odor. 

If you need sediment and particle reduction or colored iron and manganese removal, PolyHalt® offers 5-micron filtration. For the ultimate water treatment solution, a dual housing system is available, housing a softener, sediment filter, and chlorine filtration all in one: an unparalleled level of flexibility and customization. 

Longevity and Efficiency
One of the most compelling arguments for PolyHalt's superiority is the longevity of its ion-bond filters. These filters last twice as long as citrus filters, meaning you'll spend less time and money on routine maintenance while being assured consistent, long-term water quality. 

World-Class Purity 

PolyHalt is certified to meet the most rigorous and widely-recognized water treatment standards in the world, and boasts NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals certifications. 

Compatibility with NuvoH2O

If you're already using a NuvoH2O system and are looking to upgrade, you don’t need to replace your whole system. Cascadian offers PolyHalt ion bond filters that fit perfectly into NuvoH2O housings without modification. This means you can switch to a PolyHalt filter, which lasts longer and requires less maintenance, without any hassle.

And the Winner Is…

Again, we don’t want to boast, but while both Cascadian PolyHalt® and NuvoH2O have their merits, we think you’ll agree that Cascadian punches well above its weight. If you’re still not convinced, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our water quality experts today: Devin Ergler.