Compare Cascadian PolyHalt® to NuvoH2O Citrus Softeners

Compare Cascadian PolyHalt® to NuvoH2O Citrus Softeners - Cascadian Water

Let's Compare Cascadian and NuvoH2O salt free water softeners

When we think about Cascadian ion bond vs. NuvoH2O citrus salt free softeners the first things that come to mind are that both are:

  • Pioneers in the salt free water softener market
  • Cartridge based
  • Simpler, smaller sized, more eco-friendly and lower cost compared to salt-based softeners
  • Using natural products and processes
  • Softeners that don't make the water feel slippery or slimy
  • Able to reduce existing mineral deposits
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 Drinking Water Treatment Units - Aesthetic Effects
  • Available with simple filter replacement programs

After these few items the similarities pretty much disappear.

What makes Cascadian different and Better?

  • Years of experience building salt-based softeners and other more traditional filters to treat some of the toughest water problems on earth
  • Builds cartridge based treatment systems for to solve problems beyond hard water including;
    • Corrosion protection for plumbing and appliances from low pH or aggressive waters
    • Sediment
    • Chlorine and other taste and odor problems
    • Hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) odor
    • Treatment of red/orange and brown/black stains from iron and manganese
    • Reducing blue/green staining from low pH or aggressive waters
  • Multi purpose systems: A single PolyHalt ion bond softener filter can be had with;
    • Carbon filtration for treatment of both hardness and chlorine taste and odor
    • Filtration for reduction of sediment and particles or removal of colored iron and manganese
    • H2S Hydrogen sulfide rotten egg odor filter
  • All Cascadian whole home systems have an integrated housing drain for easier and safer filter changes
  • Cascadian cartridge based softener and filter systems are available for larger commercial, agricultural and industrial applications
  • Ion bond filters last 2 times as long as citrus filters reducing time, money and hassle required to maintain your water treatment
  • PolyHalt is certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects - Product function; Corrosion & Scale Control
  • Does not lower the pH of water causing acid conditions which can cause problems with plumbing and appliances such as copper leaching from pipes
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        Interested in improving your existing NuvoH2O treatment system?

        We build PolyHalt ion bond filters that fit perfectly into NuvoH2O housings without any modification to the housing what so ever.

        Many former NuvoH2O customers have switched to PolyHalt ion bond filters and are happier than they ever were.

        If you are interested in a better water from a cartridge based softener that fits your existing NuvoH2O housing, lasts twice as long and requires 1/2 the maintenance we have your next filter. Learn More Here

        All information has been learned via NuvoH2O directly, actual NuvoH2O customers, understanding of water treatment science and publicly available sources including websites for the two companies.

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