PolyHalt® Extends life of Outdoor Mist Cooling Systems

PolyHalt® Extends life of Outdoor Mist Cooling Systems - Cascadian Water

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Introduction to Outdoor Water Mist Systems

Summer is upon us, and with it comes the need for an efficient and effective cooling systems for our outdoor spaces. An increasingly popular solution is the outdoor water mist system, also known as a mist cooler or misting cooling system. These systems allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces even in the hottest of summer conditions by using fine water sprays.

Importance of Water Quality in Outdoor Water Mist Systems

Importance of Filtered Water

The quality of the water mist is essential when it comes to maintaining an effective and long-lasting outdoor cooling system. Overhead misting systems use the power of evaporative cooling to condition outdoor living spaces.

If your water is hard and not softened, scale will build up in the stainless steel tubes of the misting kits. This will cause reduced water flow. But there's an easy solution to get the most out of your outdoor misting systems, PolyHalt®.

Introduction to PolyHalt® Treated Water

In the world of water treatment, one name stands out: PolyHalt®. This innovative treatment softens water without the use of salt, making it an eco-friendly, simple, and efficient solution. But how does PolyHalt® treated water benefit your outdoor water mist system?

How PolyHalt® Extends the Lifespan of Outdoor Water Mist Systems

Using PolyHalt® treated water in your misting system can substantially increase its longevity. PolyHalt® works by softening the water, which in turn helps to prevent the build up of scale within the system's lines. Scale buildup can cause blockages and damage the system over time. Therefore, by preventing this scale from forming, PolyHalt® effectively maintains the health and functionality of your misting system.

How PolyHalt® Improves the Performance of Outdoor Water Mist Systems

In addition to extending the lifespan of your system, PolyHalt® treated water also enhances its performance. Softened water can more effectively and evenly distribute mist, leading to better cooling effects. In this way, PolyHalt® ensures you have the best outdoor patio cooling system possible.

Introduction to ICS-SPU Inline Water Filter by Cascadian Water

Product Details

The Cascadian ICS-SPU effectively purifies and conditions water at the point of use, ideal for outdoor misting systems. It's capable of removing dirt and softening water, all without the use of salt. Not only is it eco-friendly and legal to use anywhere, but it's also easy to maintain.

Product Benefits

The ICS-SPU filters and softens water, protects appliances, improves efficiency, and saves energy. Its compact design and easy maintenance make it a reliable choice for those seeking clean, safe water.

How ICS-SPU Can be Utilized for Outdoor Water Mist Systems

Integrating the ICS-SPU into your outdoor water mist system is straightforward. The system connects directly to your water supply, treating the water as it enters your misting system. This ensures that only softened, sediment-free water is used, prolonging the lifespan of your system and enhancing its cooling effects.

The Benefits of Using ICS-SPU for Your Outdoor Water Mist Systems

In addition to providing top-quality water for your misting system, the ICS-SPU offers numerous benefits. It can prevent the damaging effects of hard water and sediment, extending the lifespan of your system and improving its performance. You only need to replace the filter once or more each year. You can also subscribe to save time and get a 10% discount, making maintenance easy.

How to Install and Maintain Your ICS-SPU Inline Water Filter

The ICS-SPU is designed for easy installation and maintenance. It can be installed on a wall or connected to garden hoses inline. To maintain the system, simply replace the filters once or more per year. For convenience, Cascadian offers a filter subscription service, which saves time and provides a 10% discount.

Enjoy the Best Outdoor Patio Cooling System with PolyHalt® and ICS-SPU

Using PolyHalt® treated water and the ICS-SPU inline water filter ensures your outdoor misting system stays cool and lasts longer. Whether you're cooling your patio, pergola, or other outdoor spaces, this combination offers the best solution.

Final Thoughts on the Best High Pressure Misting System

For outdoor cooling, nothing beats a good misting system with the ICS-SPU PolyHalt(r) water filter. This combination will ensure the longevity, efficiency, and effectiveness of your outdoor cooling system.


In conclusion, the quality of water used in your outdoor water mist system is paramount. By using PolyHalt® treated water and the ICS-SPU inline water filter, you're ensuring long life for your water mister. This will extend the lifespan of your system, improve its performance, and ultimately provide a more enjoyable outdoor experience.


  1. Can I use the ICS-SPU inline water filter with my existing misting system?
    Yes, the ICS-SPU is designed to be used with existing systems and can easily be integrated.
  2. How often do I need to replace the filters in my ICS-SPU system?
    The filters should be replaced once or more per year, depending on usage and water quality.
  3. Can the ICS-SPU system be used in areas where salt softeners are banned?
    The ICS-SPU system uses PolyHalt®, a salt-free water softening solution. It is legal in all areas, even where salt softeners are not allowed.
  4. How does the ICS-SPU system protect my misting system?
    The ICS-SPU system removes dirt and softens water. This helps your misting system last longer by preventing blockages and harm caused by hard water buildup.
  5. Is the ICS-SPU system eco-friendly?
    Yes, the ICS-SPU system is eco-friendly. It generates no water waste, reduces reliance on single-use plastic water bottles, and conserves energy.

PolyHalt® prevents scale build-up in misting system lines. Scale build-up can harm the system over time. By using PolyHalt®, your misting system will last longer.

In addition to extending the lifespan, PolyHalt® treated water can also enhance the system's performance. Softened water can distribute mist more effectively and evenly, leading to improved cooling effects.