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Polyphosphates in drinking water

Until I began working in the water treatment industry I'd never really thought about Polyphosphates. More importantly I truly didn't know what they were. I had heard the term throughout my education, usually pertaining to some form of earth science, but it was definitely not part of my daily vocabulary. Working for Cascadian Water, I have learned a tremendous amount about water quality and treatment. I'm proud to say that, although I still have a ton to learn, I am a lot more familiar with Polyphosphates and their role in water treatment. If you are not comfortable with them or you're maybe a little confused about how they work, perhaps this blog will help you. For years we have been successful using Polyphosphates to treat and control many water quality issues. Our hope is that with a better understanding you'll feel more comfortable purchasing that Cascadian System you've been considering. We look forward to problem solving with you and getting you the best tasting water possible.

What you should know about Phosphates in water treatment:

What are Polyphosphates:

Polyphosphates are derived from naturally occurring phosphorus bearing rock. They have been used for over 100 years to treat specific water quality problems. These problems are a result of inorganic contaminants (iron, manganese, and hardness minerals) found in water supplies. Polyphosphates are also used used to maintain the water quality in the distribution system, pipes, etc. Public Water Systems commonly add Polyphosphates to the drinking water as a corrosion inhibitor. 

How does it work:

Polyphosphate forms a complex with inorganic contaminants and prevents them from forming hard scale, staining, etc.

It forms a protective coating of insoluble mineral scale on the inside of service lines, household plumbing, dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, etc. And it works to stabilize water quality and minimize color, scale, deposits, corrosion, and chlorine demand in water treatment.  The coating also serves as a liner that keeps corrosion elements in water from dissolving some of the metals in plumbing systems. As a result, lead and copper levels in the water will remain low.

How can we help you improve your water:

Cascadian Water developed the ICS (Integrated Cartridge Solutions) with PolyCor™ Technology. A simple, easy to use, water treatment system that contains PolyHalt® and can handle multiple water quality issues. PolyHalt® products are a form of soluble Polyphosphates engineered to dissolve at a controlled concentration to prevent scale formation and corrosion. 

PolyHalt® is a simple but very powerful product. It’s power comes from its ability to control water by changing the behavior of metals dissolved in water. These metals include; calcium and magnesium (hardness), iron and manganese. It works by forming ion bonds, it attracts and binds with dissolved metals forming a new and very stable PolyHalt®/metal complex. Once complexed with PolyHalt® metals are prevented from being able to react further, they are literally held in suspension. After treatment with PolyHalt® the metals will not be able to stain, react with soaps or form hard scale deposits.

Are Polyphosphates safe for drinking water:

The NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) assumed responsibility for a certification program involving plant inspection, raw material certification, and product labels. In 1990 the NSF did deem that these products were safe to use in the treatment of potable water. The NSF was established in 1944 as an independent, non-governmental, not for profit organization, charged with protecting public health. Regulators play a critical role in NSF standard development, conformity, assessment programs, training, and technical services through cooperation, collaboration, and partnership. Polyhalt® is NSF certified safe for use in drinking water.

Simply Put: The ICS system with PolyCor™ Technology is small, cost effective, requires no drain, electricity, or salt, and is easy to install and maintain. It's a proven treatment for many water quality issues. At Cascadian Water we love helping busy home and business owners solve water quality problems with simple, affordable treatment systems. The ICS system gives our customers more time and money to spend doing what they enjoy!

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