Conquering the Red and Orange Stains: A Guide to Iron Removal

Conquering the Red and Orange Stains: A Guide to Iron Removal - Cascadian Water

Gabe Ergler |

Unveiling the Mystery of Red and Orange Stains

In the vast expanse of our planet, iron holds the title as the fourth most plentiful element. Consequently, as the heaven-sent rain seeps into the earth, it naturally dissolves iron from sediment and bedrock. This dissolved iron, travelling from the ground into aquifers, streams, and lakes, is a common culprit of issues in residential water supplies.

You might be wondering, why the red and orange stains? The answer lies in the high concentrations of iron in your water. Manifesting as red, orange, yellow, tan, or rusty-colored stains, they can plague your toilet bowls, sinks, and other fixtures. Moreover, these iron-induced stains might be the invisible enemy causing your clothes, particularly whites, to appear dingy or unclean. The puzzling part? These stains often make their presence known even when the water from the tap seems clear. The explanation? It hinges on the type of iron in your water.

Unraveling the Two Types of Iron in Your Water

Iron in your water can be classified into two types: soluble ferrous iron and insoluble ferric iron.

Soluble ferrous iron, often referred to as clear iron, is yet to be exposed to oxygen. It flows from the tap in a clear, colorless state. However, after a period of standing, it may cause those familiar yellow, orange, or rusty red stains.

Insoluble ferric iron, on the other hand, is simply ferrous iron that has been exposed to oxygen, usually from the air. Upon the formation of ferric iron, it becomes visible in the water. This results in tap water appearing rusty or exhibiting some red or yellow color. High iron levels are frequently associated with well water, although city tap water can also contain iron.

Winning the War Against Stains with Cascadian

For an effective way to tackle iron stains, consider the ICS-SIP system. It's a straightforward, affordable, and space-saving solution that addresses iron in your water. The end result? Cleaner fixtures and surfaces, plus significant time and money savings.

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