Your water should be wet - not slippery

Your water should be wet – not slippery

Most people who choose a water softener do so because of the problems with hard water.

Whether it’s causing a scale buildup in your pipes, giving you soap scum, or because, well, it’s just plain hard to work with. Whatever your reasons, most agree soft water is better.

But some have unexpectedly found that when they’ve softened their water, it’s become slippery. In our research, as much as 97% of our customers have said this slippery feeling was a real problem for them. And before coming to us, many just accepted this as a cost of having soft water.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Slippery water most often comes from salt-based water softeners.

Technically what’s happening is the ions salt-based softeners use actually help the soap bond to you better than to the water. So, when you try to wash it off, it takes more effort and you have that slippery feeling as a result.

In fact, at Cascadian Water, we developed an Ion-bond treatment specifically so that you can have soft water without that annoying slippery feeling.

Here’s what to do to fix slippery-feeling water

First, you can just use less soap. That’s not so desirable, but salt-based softeners are designed to help soap bond to you (creating the slippery feeling). And so, by using less soap, you minimize this bonding / slippery feeling.

Second, you can try a synthetic (non-soap) bodywash. This won’t be ideal for everyone. But if it works, it may help get rid of that slippery feeling.

Third, you can go back to the root of the problem and use a different kind of softener. As a bonus, you’ll have a much more natural-feeling water in your home, and it’ll cost you less to get it.

We know -- switching your water softener can seem daunting at first.

But it pays for itself quicker than you’d think.

When we set out to help people get better water in their homes and businesses, our goals included building a system with a smaller footprint; that was less-expensive than salt-based systems; that didn’t require you to buy and store all that salt; and, of course, that didn’t have all of that salty waste-water.

That’s what our PolyHalt® ICS Systems are.

And in the years since introducing PolyHalt® to the market, the feedback has been amazing.

Sherry, after using one of our systems in her home for 6 months told us:

“Our entire family feels that the water taste is significantly improved…My husband also said the hardness of the water has improved how his eyes feel after taking a shower…previously his eyes were bloodshot and bothered by the hardness.”

Brady, a longtime professional plumber told us:

“I have used a lot of filtration companies’ products over the last 15 years, some were terrible, some were not so bad; however, none of them have as complete a package of products like Cascadian Water does... No matter what water I come up against I know Cascadian Water has a solution for it.”

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