What do if you have a water emergency - a serious leak

What to do if you have a water emergency?

By emergency, we mean: gushing water filling up your house.

First, turn off your water at the pipe. You’ve got three options here. If your water filtration system is leaking, place it in bypass mode, turn off the inlet and outlet valves and then turn on the bypass valve [see diagram]. If the leak is happening before your water filtration system, then look for a valve further up the line and turn that off.

Second, clean up quickly. As quick as you can, clean up any spilled water inside your home. The quicker the better to avoid water seeping and damaging. Use large towels you can throw in the washer instead of paper towels. That’ll be faster and cheaper than paper towels.

Third, call a plumber. At Cascadian, we sell excellent water filtration units. But we’re not plumbers! So when it comes to your plumbing, reach out to a reputable plumber in your area.

On that end, we do have a curated source of excellent plumbers. Just visit InstallMyFilter.com!