Install Locations of Cascadian High Flow Commercial ICS Systems

Our ICS-CT Series commercial systems require more space than our other offerings, but have more flow capacity than any others. 

They require a solid floor structure to support the weight, ideally in a room with a drain.

They require 8' ceilings if they are installed inside so that the filters can be removed for maintenance without hassle.

Examples of where ICS-CT Series water treatment systems are used:

  • Agriculture
    • Dairy Farms
    • Chicken / Poultry Farms
    • Greenhouse operations
  • Food Production
  • Restaurants
  • RV resorts
  • Large Homes
  • Hotels
  • Multi-Family housing

Good To Know

Commercial systems are much easier to install than automatic self-regenerating systems. Like all Cascadian ICS water treatment systems they are much smaller, do not require power or a high flow waste water drain. 

For high flows simply plumb multiple systems in parallel.