Install Locations of POU ICS

Our Point-of-Use softeners and filters are the most versatile filters we offer.

Examples of where the ICS-TPU is used:

  • RVs from small travel trailers to large motorhome buses
  • Coffee shops, bars, parks and hotels use them for cleaning the water before their expensive coffee machines and ice makers. 
  • Under the kitchen sink for drinking and cooking water in place of large, noisy, expensive and wasteful reverse osmosis systems.
  • Apartments and condominiums 
  • Anywhere you want water that tastes great and is softened.

Examples of where the ICS-SPU is used:

  • To keep water misters working in areas around the country with hard water and where misters are used to keep outdoor areas cool for customers or company
  • Restaurant and bar dishwashers
  • Water heater protection
  • Clothes washers
  • Anywhere you want filtered and softened water