What's Your Reason For Ignoring Water Problems?

What's Your Reason For Ignoring Water Problems? - Cascadian Water

You have lived with more things than no water treatment because of the out of sight out of mind principle. The problem is this, if your water needs treatment you see signs of it everywhere and still you decide not to do anything about it. That cobbler’s child complex has you (and me) in its clutches.  And here lies the question, if you cannot see, why deal with it?

Speaking from experience I would say the top reasons people ignore issues with their water are:

  1. Laziness (Ok, this one is from personal experience, you saw the last post, I have plenty of opportunities to get new filters, I just choose to be lazy about changing them)
  2. They do not realize they have a problem. This happens more than you think, it usually takes other people noticing a problem before the person who has been living with it “sees” it. Just like when your spouse notices that the heater in your car makes an annoying ticking sound that you never heard until they pointed it out and now it is the only thing you can hear! (Not that this particular example has ever happened to me…)  Actually I just had a gentleman call me today about a water quality issue just like this. He owned a home that he rented out for Air B & B and was getting complaints from the customers that the water smelled like rotten egg.  While he had lived there he hadn’t thought about addressing the smell and taste of the water until his patrons complained. Rotten Egg Smell Treatment
  3. They ignore it because they think it is going to be too expensive to fix. Well, in water treatment it could be more costly not to fix. Not fixing the issue may be shortening the life of all your water using appliances. Water Treatment Costs
  4. They think water treatment is complicated. It can be but, not when you work with us or our products! We take the guess work out of it for you and build systems that are easy to maintain and treat most water quality issues. Filter Finder and Maintenance
  5. They know their mother-in-law isn’t visiting for a few months so they can put it off a little longer.

So even though the out of site out of mind principal applies to most of us, it does not mean it is what is best for us. Ignoring things because they are not in the forefront of our mind can get us all into trouble.

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