EPA's Role in Ensuring Safe Drinking Water: Deep Dive

EPA's Role in Ensuring Safe Drinking Water: Deep Dive - Cascadian Water

Gabe Ergler |

Unveiling the Role of EPA in Preserving Your Drinking Water: An In-depth Review of the 'Water On Tap' Guide

Did you ever stop to wonder about the safety of the water you consume daily? Most people might not realize the instrumental role the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) plays in safeguarding our nation's drinking water. As a federal entity, the EPA not only monitors and enforces water safety measures but also disseminates an array of valuable resources on their official website, acting as a watchdog for the quality of your drinking water.

From time to time, we take the liberty of exploring these resources and sharing our insights with our customers and dedicated followers. In this blog, we will delve into the remarkable EPA publication, 'Water On Tap - What you need to know', shedding light on key aspects regarding our drinking water.

'Water On Tap' is a comprehensive guide that opens a window into our nation's drinking water, aimed at enlightening consumers about their water source, quality, usage, and protection. This guide provides practical answers to common queries, organized into the following sections:

1. Understanding the Basics: A Consumer’s Guide To The Nation’s Drinking Water (Page 1)
This introductory part of the guide furnishes you with a broad overview of our nation's drinking water system.

2. Assessing the Safety: How Safe Is My Drinking Water? (Page 2)
Here, you'll find an in-depth look at how water safety is determined and maintained.

3. From Source to Sink: Where Does My Drinking Water Come From And How Is It Treated? (Page 7)
This section provides a glimpse into the journey of water from its natural sources to your household tap, including the treatment process.

4. Domestic Usage: How Do We Use Drinking Water In Our Homes? (Page 10)
Find out about the myriad ways we use drinking water in our daily lives in this section.

5. Securing our Future: What’s Being Done To Improve Water Security? (Page 13)
This chapter throws light on the various initiatives being taken to ensure the long-term safety and availability of drinking water.

6. Taking Control: What Can I Do If There Is A Problem With My Drinking Water? (Page 15)
Explore the steps you can take to address any issues you encounter with your drinking water.

7. Well Water: How Safe Is The Drinking Water In My Household Well? (Page 18)
For those relying on well water, this section offers insights into how to ascertain the safety of your water supply.

8. Your Role: What You Can Do To Protect Your Drinking Water (Page 21)
Lastly, discover how you can contribute to the protection and preservation of your drinking water.

We believe that knowledge is power. By understanding the intricacies of our nation's drinking water system, we can all become more responsible consumers and stewards of this essential resource. So, take the time to dive into 'Water On Tap' and empower yourself with valuable insights into the water you consume daily.

Download "Water On Tap" here.

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