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  • Added Salt Turns Grass Yellow

    The Town of Fountain Hills Arizona, waters city parks and several of it's golf courses with recycled waste water. Even though the water is treated to a high degree for bacteria and viruses it is highly polluted with sodium. Learn how long-term exposure to elevated sodium levels can burn, damage, or kill grass, shrubs, and trees. affects city parks and golf courses.
  • Softener restrictions and bans - Are they real?

    If you live in an area or region affected by softener regulations you are keenly aware of the situation. In short yes, there are areas of the count...
  • 8 Points to consider before buying (or replacing) an under counter RO system

    It’s important to understand that both RO and new more advanced systems are designed to help you get the same thing: better water in your home. 

    But there are a few differences in how each system does that. And, perhaps most importantly, one of these systems (hint: it’s the ICS PolyHalt® softener ICS-TPU) is not only much easier to use and install, but has a dramatically smaller environmental footprint. 

    The ICS-TPU is a POU (Point of Use) 3 stage treatment system. The first treatment is filtration with activated carbon to remove chlorine, improve taste, and reduce VOCs. Second is a salt free water softener and finally water is conditioned to protect plumbing and appliances from low pH aggressive water. 

  • Do You Drink Bottled Water? Read This

    Bottled water is atrocious for the environment. You’re better off buying a water filter for healthier, tastier water

  • Take back the tap - Environmental impact of bottled water is 3,500 times greater.

    If you haven't considered the environmental impact of bottled water this article puts a few things into perspective.
  • Cascadian Water Continues to Expand into the Southwestern U.S. 

    Cascadian Water expands into the Desert Southwest bringing better water treatment to more people.
  • Benefits of a Salt Free Water Softener in Arizona

    Arizona’s hard water really affects quality of life. Left unchecked it ruins clothes and causes costly damage you home and appliances.