Cascadian Water Continues to Expand into the Southwestern U.S. 

Cascadian Water Continues to Expand into the Southwestern U.S.  - Cascadian Water

Gabe Ergler |

Salt Free Water Treatment Comes to Arizona

We picked Phoenix, Arizona, as a unique hub in our expansion. Other than just being a nice place to live, it’s somewhat of an ideal location for what Cascadian has to offer. 

First, It’s a nice place to live. And as more and more people are buying homes (some for the first time), as well as leaving high-priced markets like California, Phoenix is poised to grow. 

But the main reason we picked Phoenix was because of what Cascadian’s ICS water treatment systems can do for so many of the residents there. 

A common problem we’ve heard over the last half dozen years in the Phoenix area is that their water quality wasn’t that good. That’s understandable. We’ve been helping people with bad water quality for almost thirty years. And we hear this a lot.

Here are a few ways Cascadian is uniquely positioned to help climates like Phoenix: 


Beside the normal things — like sustainability and taking care of the planet — from a strict dollars and cents perspective, eco-friendly makes sense in an inland place like Phoenix. Our ICS systems don’t draw extra power. They don’t require salt, so need to stock and refill. And because there’s no salt, there’s no salty wastewater. 

Lower Maintenance 

This is about quality of life. We’re living in unprecedented times. And we’re doing amazing things. Time is precious. There’s no need to settle for wasting that time or energy on unnecessary things. When we saw what other salt free softener solutions require a new filter every 6 months, we looked into it. We sharpened our pencils and went back to the lab. And as a result, we build filters for other brands that last twice as long, that's right, a whole year (And they’re really easy to change) and work better.

No “Soft Water Loop” Required 

If you’re not familiar with this, no need to Google it. The idea is this: it’s an old way of providing soft water to homes was to separate the inside and outside. When you used salt (the only option back then), you needed to protect your outside water for plants and your yard and your cooking and drinking water from the saltwater effects. If you’re no longer reliant on salt-water, then a soft water loop quickly becomes a thing of the past. 

Safe to use everywhere 

Similar to the above point, because Cascadian doesn’t rely on salt water (which is harmful to all freshwater environments, like your grass for instance), there’s no limitation on where you can use your water. 

Built in pipe-protection 

Our revolutionary PolyHalt® formula is designed with pipes in mind. Unlike Nuvo H2O (which softens water by changing the PH level — effectively eating the pipes!), PolyHalt® actually protects pipes with a special coating designed to help them last even longer than if you weren’t using it. 

Better taste 

Some say taste is subjective. And maybe it is. But we’ve had a lot of people tell us we made their water taste better. How is that? Well, when you take all the bad stuff out — and when you do it using the tools nature gives you — it just kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? 

Smaller, quieter to use 

Because our ICS systems are smaller and lighter and don’t require electricity, they can fit in out of the way spaces. And since they operate very quietly, you don’t need to worry about them making weird noises while you’re on your Zoom call. Or when you’re trying to sleep. In fact, you will probably forget it’s even there.