Cascadian Clear Blog

  • What if solving complex water problems were easy? SPOILER: We developed a free tool for that

    The Filter Finder Quiz is a tool that we developed from the ground up. “From the ground up,” because no one else in our industry is doing anything like this.

    Here’s how it works, the tool — it’s free, did we mention that? — will ask you a few questions. Easy ones, like How does your water taste? and How does it feel when you touch it? And then, after you answer, it’ll tell you exactly which filter system you need.

  • ICS Part Number Codes - What They Mean

    Curious as to why we have so many different part numbers and what they mean? Start here to find out more.
  • Cascadian Water Continues to Expand into the Southwestern U.S. 

    Cascadian Water expands into the Desert Southwest bringing better water treatment to more people.
  • Benefits of a Salt Free Water Softener in Arizona

    Arizona’s hard water really affects quality of life. Left unchecked it ruins clothes and causes costly damage you home and appliances.
  • What is PolyHalt and How Does it Work

    Let's learn about PolyHalt, what it is and what it does as a true multitasker. Learn how it works as a salt free softener and water conditioner. Find out how diverse the next generation of water treatment is and what problems it solves.