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Gabe Ergler |

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Staining, stinking, and the other symptoms of bad water — you know the ones. They’re often pretty obvious. But what’s usually a lot less obvious is what to do about them.

And, added to that, how to solve these problems in a way that’s also friendly to the environment.

For years now, we’ve had our line of ICS products that solved that second problem. We purposely designed a water solution that didn’t require bags and bags of salt (or all that salty wastewater); and we made it to need extra low maintenance.

We even solved the first problem, too: three decades of happy customers tell the tale for us.

But there was this one other thing…

We had a lot of fans of our products, but yet, as we continued to review our own performance and our customer service, the same little footnote kept popping up.

…and it was happening during the purchasing process.

Specifically, many customers needed an extra hand when it came to diagnosing their water problem. They were happy to buy a Cascadian solution — but which one?

And we get it. Water treatment is a complex formula.

But still, we weren’t happy with that. At Cascadian, we want to delight with value. And that includes making every single part of our process as easy as possible. So we set about fixing this little problem of helping our customers diagnose which filter to buy.

The result is our brand new Filter Finder tool.

It’s a tool that we developed from the ground up. “From the ground up,” because no one else in our industry is doing anything like this.

Here’s how it works, the tool — it’s free, did we mention that? — will ask you a few questions. Easy ones, like How does your water taste? and How does it feel when you touch it? And then, after you answer, it’ll tell you exactly which filter system you need.

Oh, and the whole process takes about a 2-3 minutes.

Don’t keep putting up with bad quality water. Use our Filter Finder today to find a solution that’s right for you.