Time to Raise a Toast!

Time to Raise a Toast! - Cascadian Water

Gabe Ergler |

Cascadian ICS: 12 Years of Innovation and Impact

For an incredible 12 years, Cascadian's groundbreaking Integrated Cartridge Solutions (ICS) have been simplifying and enhancing the lives of our customers while sustainably protecting our environment.

We are truly honored that so many have chosen Cascadian as their go-to water treatment solution, establishing both Cascadian and PolyHalt® ion bond softening as the industry's foremost salt-free, cartridge-based water treatment systems. 


The PolyHalt® Difference

Pioneering PolyHalt® salt-free ion bond softening technology paves the way for superior water softening, setting new industry standards for efficiency, sustainability and superior water quality.


A Snapshot of Cascadian ICS's Remarkable Impacts

We invite you to explore the astounding effects Cascadian ICS water treatment has had on both our planet and our customers.

A Greener Future with Every Drop

Our innovative ICS not only outshines traditional  softeners and filters but also nurtures a healthier environment. By utilizing Integrated Cartridge Solutions, we conserve:

  • Wastewater
  • Sewer treatment resources
  • Electricity
  • Groundwater from salt contamination


Environmental Impact:

ICS systems are having a huge impact on helping our environment. Take a look at these impressive impacts compared to salt-based water softeners.

  • 350 million gallons of water saved
  • 1.05 million 40 lb bags, 42 million lbs., 17.5k pallets, and 875 truckloads of salt eliminated
  • Zero watts of power consumed


Customer Time and Money Impacts:

Additionally, our customers enjoy time and cost savings compared to conventional salt-based water softeners and backwashing filters.

  • Time saved due to streamlined maintenance requirements: 1,050,000 hours
  • Money saved: $38,500,000 (excluding salt system and household appliance and fixture service/repair and the time off work to address water-related issues around the home
Total impacts of ICS are too numerous to share all of them is this newsletter. Click here learn more