Water Woes Mount in Arizona - Scottsdale Shuts Off Water to Rio Verde

Water Woes Mount in Arizona - Scottsdale Shuts Off Water to Rio Verde - Cascadian Water

Without water there is no life. As the Colorado River flow continues to shrink the 40+ million people it serves in 7 states and Mexico are being forced to face the reality of living with less water. This video highlights how the drought continues to force change and how Scottsdale AZ is shutting off water to the entire Rio Verde area. 

One Way Everyone Can Conserve

We highlight this incident and as we continue to work to educate consumers about water waste and what they can do to conserve water as we all adapt to shrinking water supplies. We want everyone to know it's easy to save thousands of gallons of fresh water every year by choosing a Cascadian PolyHalt water softener over a salt-based water softener.

PolyHalt softeners do not waste water. Every home or business that installs a PolyHalt water softener will reduce annual fresh water consumption by around 6k - 10k gallons per year compared to a salt-based water softener. 

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